Elevenses -an online conversation group at South Ruislip and Ruislip Manor Libraries

 Jane at South Ruislip Library wrote to let us know about a new group at the library….

We have been running for 4 weeks now and have a regular group of 3/4 people attending  with a new member joining us this morning.   We would love to have more people attend.

It’s called Elevenses and it is an hour of conversation, often with a guest speaker.  So far we have had someone from the Covid Lateral Flow testing  centre explain about how that works, we have discussed poetry, the new library refurbishment at South Ruislip, book covers and blurbs and also had a tour of some highlights of the National Gallery.  The members enjoyed the latter so much that the blue badge guide is going to come back soon to show us some more.

This week we have a session on wellbeing – coping with stress, meditation etc.  We ask members if they have any subjects they would like to cover and we are reaching out to different guest speakers so we can cover a variety of topics.

When the library is allowed to have groups in we hope to carry on with these sessions in reality, not just online.

If anyone wants to join they just need to email us and we will send them to a link.

Burglary Windows Advice from the Police!

Over at www.owl.co.uk the police are keen to share good Crime Prevention advice and their regular newsletters. Please sign up there.

Advice like this…

Burglary Crime Prevention Advice
Dear Watch Member,
Please take some time to read the crime prevention advice attached in relation to preventing burglars getting access to your property via windows.
Burglars are adapting their approach during the lockdown and there have been reports of burglars climbing properties to get in.
Thank you,
If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: p236279@met.police.uk
Maz Solanki
Police Constable
Email: p236279@met.police.uk