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Weekly Crime Update: Cavendish Ward

From the Cavendish SNT is this very local update.  Look forward to one for the South Ruislip ward;

Dear Readers,

Welcome to your weekly update.  Within these updates I will focus on local crime and the issues effecting you and the local community.  My last crime update has been very well received with some excellent feedback.  If you feel you have prevented a crime, seen some suspicious activity, and you believe other readers would benefit from knowing, please reply and it will considered for entry in to the next crime update.

I aim to send these updates on the Monday of the following week.  However, this will be dependant on shift patterns and availability of data.



17-03-2016 to 20-03-2016 – Field End Road, Ruislip – Suspects have kicked the rear door off the hinges and entered the property. No items stolen. Ref 0905611/16.

21-03-2016 – PM – Bideford Road, Ruislip – Suspects have entered property via a rear door.  Jewellery and cash stolen.  Ref 0905739/16.

21-03-2016 – PM – Oak Grove, Ruislip – Suspects have forced entry via a rear door.  No items stolen.  Ref 0905740/16.

21-03-2016 – PM – Seaton Gardens, Ruislip – Suspects have gained entry by smashing a rear patio door and forcing a kitchen window.  Witness has seen four IC1 males leave the venue and drive away in a black saloon vehicle.

Motor vehicle crime

22-03-2016 – Overnight – Ashburton Road, Ruislip – Suspects have entered vehicle by an unknown method and damaged ignition barrel. (See crime prevention below) Vehicle not stolen.  Ref 0905818/16.

24-03-2016 – Overnight – Windmill Way, Ruislip – Suspects have stolen a Silver Honda CBF-4 motorcycle with registration FX05YXN.  Ref 0905995/16.

25-03-2016 – PM – Denbigh Close, Ruislip – Number plates stolen from vehicle. Ref 0906058/16.

Theft – Person

No incidents reported.


No incidents reported.


No incidents reported.

If you were a witness to any of the above crimes or have any information, please call 101 or make contact by either of the means below.

Crime Prevention

Motor vehicle crime

Over the last few months there has been an increase in the number of ‘theft from’ and ‘theft of’ motor vehicles.  Many of these crimes have been reported where there has been no sign of forced entry to the vehicle or the vehicle has been stolen with the lawful owner still in possession of the keys.  I have made contact with PC Pick of Thames Valley Police who has been in contact with an expert at the vehicle testing centre in Thatcham.  He has offered the following information;

There are currently two main locking systems for vehicles.  These are key fob and keyless entry.  Both can leave your vehicle vulnerable to crime if certain precautions are not taken.

Key Fob entry

The system works by sending random combinations of code to the vehicle each time the fob is pressed.  Therefore, thieves copying the code is useless so they have come up with another way to prevent you from locking your vehicle.

Thieves are overcoming this by jamming the signal from your key fob to your vehicle by using a number of different devices.  These devices can be purchased from as little as £2 from the internet and come in many forms such as garage door openers and house light controllers/dimmers.  Many of these devices act to block your key fobs when you attempt to lock your vehicle.

Thieves are able to block signals in whole areas such as car parks or streets by hiding these devices in bushes with a clothes peg activating the device for long periods of time and without the need for them to be in the vicinity.

There is a solution.  Once you have activated your key fob, YOU MUST ensure the lights have flashed indicating the car has received the signal, and then check the vehicle is locked by lifting a door handle.

Keyless Car entry

The signal for a vehicle with keyless entry cannot be jammed so thieves will simply smash a window to steal your property.

The signal used for vehicles with this form of security system is unchanging and broadcasts continuously between the fob and the vehicle.  IT CAN BE COPIED. 

Fobs made by different manufacturers use different ranges and the signal can vary in terms of strength and useable distance.  This is the distance between the vehicle and the range in which the vehicle will be unlocked.  This can be up to 30 feet from the vehicle.  For many people this could be less than the distance between your vehicle and where you leave your keys once inside your home.  YOUR VEHICLE MIGHT NOT BE LOCKED.  Alternatively, if your fob is transmitting continuously, the distance between where the device is in your home and the pavement, driveway etc. may be sufficient for a potential thief to copy the signal.  Once copied the thief can not only enter your car but also steal it or any property within it.

The advice from Thatcham is as follows;

If you have a vehicle with a keyless entry system, keep the key in a ‘Faraday Cage’ where the signal cannot escape.  This is the same advice as given to us in relation to tap credit and debit cards.  You can now purchase small metal credit card cases at an affordable price.  You can then remove the plastic card holders and keep your key fob in there.  Search for RFID blocking case/wallet.

DO NOT leave anything on display that a thief may find attractive.  This includes any electronic/valuable items such as phones and sat navs, but also be aware of other items such as bags, child seats and clothing.

Have you been a witness to any suspicious behaviour that may be of interest to your local Police officers?  Please let us know.  All information is gratefully received.

Neighbourhood Watch

Are you interested in setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme for your road?  Get in touch and we will be pleased to help you.

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 Cavendish SNT    0208 721 2550            Email:

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Unsolicited calls – Unwanted Pressure to Sell a Property Locally

I have been made aware that an elderly neighbour, who lives alone, received an unsolicited telephone call from a lady purporting to be from a well know local estate agent in Ruislip Manor.

 The caller tried to suggest that it was in my elderly neighbours best interests to sell her house. My neighbour stated that she had no intention of selling her house and the caller apparently did not take no for an answer and said that she would call back in a month and pop around to have a cup of tea and discuss the matter further.

 My neighbour was understandably upset by this episode and I have asked her to call 999 should the lady caller turn up at her home.

 I have reassured my neighbour that she did the right thing by refusing to be drawn into this situation. I have informed the estate agent that it appears that someone has used their name and have made the Police Safer neighbourhood team aware of this incident.

 Perhaps members of SRRA could make their neighbours aware of this please, just in case this is not a one off incident.


 Steve Graham,  Committee Member SRRA

North Hillingdon Safer Neighbourhoods Policing: MARCH update

Local Police Update:

Dear Readers,
This month I would return to my most popular topic – good work by your local police.
Good Work (all undertaken by your local Safer Neighbourhood officers)
A detective in the making: Last month PC Stawiecki identified a pattern of shoplifting offences and established they were being committed by the same pair of thieves. He gathered all the necessary evidence from a number of stores then arranged an early morning visit for the pair. His excellent evidence meant both put their hands up and were charged with 11 offences.
Calling 999 unnecessarily affects our ability to deal with proper incidents: PC Foley and PC Moore dealt with a local resident who was calling police on a daily basis making a variety of accusations including that his neighbour had a gun. The officers identified that the person was in need of medical care and were successful in getting him to hospital for a mental health assessment. Since then the bogus calls have stopped, giving us more time to respond to real emergencies.
Villains – we know what you look like: Having local bobbies means the faces of criminals are well known. After parking meters in Eastcote were targeted by thieves, PC Brown trawled through CCTV footage and identified the main offenders. PC Brown set about locating the offenders and caught them in the act of counting the money they had just stolen from another parking meter! As a result of her hard work and perseverance PC Brown secured 6 charges of theft against these offenders.
Villains – we know what you look like part 2: Police received a call to a woman heard screaming in a local address. PC Foley recognised the address and realised it was likely to be a person subject to a non-molestation order returning to the address. He informed his colleagues of who he thought it was. PC Hamilton and PCSO Parihar were in the area and spotted that person going past them in the other direction on a bus. Their eagles eyes meant they were able to stop the bus and arrest the person for breaching the order.
Villains – we know what you look like part 3: I think you get the point – local officers with local knowledge mean local crooks are often captured. PC Foley again, this time investigating a theft of a wallet from a local store. PC Foley was able to identify the suspect on the CCTV and make an early arrest. The strength of evident against this person meant he fully admitted the offence when interviewed.
A police uniform can work magic: Whilst on patrol PC Christmas was approached by a man who said he had left his wallet in a local pub the night before. When he realised his loss he contacted the pub but they told him they didn’t have it. He was convinced that he had left it there. PC Christmas attended the pub and was insistent that they tried a bit harder to find this wallet. His persistence paid off, the wallet was found and returned to the owner with everything still inside it. The owner was really happy that police had managed to help him out where he felt that he was not able to do anything further himself.
Traffic signs apply to everyone: Sgt Fanton and her team have carried out a number of traffic operations in Northgate where there is a no right turn sign from Ducks Hill Road. This was in response to complaints from residents in Northgate that the route was used as a cut through and the restrictions flouted by drivers all the time. Approximately 40 cars were stopped and warned about their actions. Other offences were also identified and resulted in several cars being seized and drivers being reported.
Youth disorder: In recent weeks Ruislip High Street and the fast food outlets there have seen a rise in youth disorder. A range of tactics have been used to try and get this under control. At one end of the scale PC Murphy and PC Brown arrested two youths for public order offences – those kids are now subject to the judicial system because of their behaviour and because they were also found in possession of drugs. Sgt Charlston and I have also met with local fast food restaurant managers, agreeing on a number of tactics to make their restaurants less of a haven for bad behaviour – yes, that includes officers sitting in the restaurants drinking coffee. We are reclaiming the space, not putting our feet up! The names of those we deal with (the majority of whom are very local) are being shared with the local secondary schools who will also be educating these young people. This work is still ongoing.
Bad days have long lasting consequences: PC Groome investigated an incident where a man purposefully dragged his key down the side of a car parked at a local gym. There was no reason for him to do this and no previous relationship with the owner of the car. He seemingly was having a bad day and decided to take in out on an innocent person’s car. PC Groome arrested him and he has been charged and will be attending court.
Don’t be a bad neighbour: PC Low secured a 10-year Criminal Behaviour Order against Celia Tan at her sentencing hearing at Harrow Crown Court this month. Celia Tan had subjected her neighbours to a campaign of malicious and escalating harassment which included her driving at the neighbour’s children. She was also given a 2-year suspended sentence in addition to the 5-months she spent on remand prior to the trial. There is no doubt this woman made her neighbour’s life a misery and PC Low’s excellent work has finally brought her to book.
Acting on information received: PC Christopher acted on intelligence received from local residents and execute a search warrant at an address in Eastcote. He arrested one person for drug offences and a police style acrylic baton was also recovered from the address. Ring 101 or Crimestoppers if you know of wrongdoing, or speak to your local officer.
Partnership working: Sgt Kerr and his team carried out another joint operation with Immigration Services targeting illegal workers and anti-social behaviour in Bradfield Road as a result of complaints by local residents. A police dispersal order was put in place whereby 17 persons were issued notices and 7 were arrested for immigration offences.
Disgusting: A family was being harassed over a period of time culminating in dog faeces being smeared over their front door and car. PC Moore worked hard to link the suspect to the crime, eventually getting sufficient evidence to secure a charge of criminal damage. The victim and his family were very grateful for PC Moore’s efforts in finally dealing with an individual who was affecting their lives.
Remember, this is a snapshot only of what your local officers are up to. They do so much more on top.
Inspector Rob Bryan
Hillingdon North Safer Neighbourhoods
Hillingdon Borough
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Royal Mail Customs Scam: Don’t Open Attachments you don’t trust!

Alerted to this one by the Cavendish Ward…

Dear Ward Member,
Fraudsters are sending out virus infected emails that claim a package has been seized by HM Revenue & Customs upon arrival into the United Kingdom. The official looking scam emails claiming to be from Royal Mail contain a link to a document which will install malicious software on your computer designed to steal credentials like account names, email addresses and passwords.An example email reads:

Title: Your parcel has been seized
Royal Mail is sorry to inform you that a package addressed to you was seized by HM Revenue & Customs upon arrival into the United Kingdom.
A close inspection deemed your items as counterfeit and the manufacturers have been notified. If your items are declared genuine then they will be returned back to you with the appropriate custom charges.
You may have been a victim of counterfeit merchandise and the RM Group UK will notify you on how to get your money back. Please review the attached PDF document for more information.
Document (RM7002137GB).Zip
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.To help the spread of the virus, the email also says: “you will need to have access to a computer to download and open the Zip file”. If you receive one of these emails, do not click on any links or download any attachments and report it to Action Fraud.

Protect Yourself

·         Royal Mail will never send an email asking for credit card numbers or other personal or confidential information.
·         Royal Mail will never ask customers to enter information on a page that isn’t part of the Royal Mail website.
·         Royal Mail will never include attachments unless the email was solicited by a customer e.g. customer has contacted Royal Mail with an enquiry or has signed up for updates from Royal Mail.
·         Royal Mail have also stressed that they do not receive a person’s email address as part of any home shopping experience.
If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it online: or by telephone: 0300 123 2040
PS 45 Jonathan Shard
Cavendish Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel – 020 8721 2550
If you do not wish to receive further communications from your Local Policing Team please inform us by replying to this email
Total Policing is the Met’s commitment to be on the streets and in your communities to catch offenders, prevent crime and support victims. We are here for London, working with you to make our capital safer.
Consider our environment – please do not print this email unless absolutely necessary.
NOTICE – This email and any attachments may be confidential, subject to copyright and/or legal privilege and are intended solely for the use of the intended recipient. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender and delete it from your system.  To avoid incurring legal liabilities, you must not distribute or copy the information in this email without the permission of the sender. MPS communication systems are monitored to the extent permitted by law.  Consequently, any email and/or attachments may be read by monitoring staff. Only specified personnel are authorised to conclude any binding agreement on behalf of the MPS by email. The MPS accepts no responsibility for unauthorised agreements reached with other employees or agents.  The security of this email and any attachments cannot be guaranteed. Email messages are routinely scanned but malicious software infection and corruption of content can still occur during transmission over the Internet. Any views or opinions expressed in this communication are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

North Hillingdon Safer Neighbourhoods Policing: FEBRUARY update

From Inspector Rob Bryan…
Inspector Rob Bryan
Inspector Rob Bryan
Dear Readers,
This month I would like to cover some staff changes and also ask for your feedback on a number of questions
Changes to Safer Neighbourhood Policing in Hillingdon
Don’t panic! It is not a major upheaval, just some changes to supervision ratios.
In April, we will be changing from 4 clusters to 3. Right now, I cover the 9 wards north of the A40 and under the changes this remains unchanged. The changes occur elsewhere. South cluster, which currently has 4 wards is being split and 2 wards each are being added to East and West clusters. At local level, this means no visible changes as those team will continue to work out of polar Park. The immediate change is obviously 1 less inspector. In this case, Insp George will move from the deleted South cluster and take on the West cluster which is currently covered by an acting inspector. In simple terms for us up north, no change.
I do however have two sergeants who are moving on to tell you about. Sgt Jonno Shard (Manor and Cavendish wards) is being promoted on 7 March and moving to Hounslow. I have a new PC moving to his team called Tristan Brown. He has passed his sergeants exams and in the short term he will cover that post. My May, I hope to have a substantive sergeant filling that post again. Also, Sgt Chris Kerr (South Ruislip) is transferring to the Borough Tasking Unit on 4 April. The good news is that he will be replaced by Sgt Karl Spour on the same day. Karl is currently the acting inspector on the West cluster and is a very experienced officer.
I am now on StreetLife if you use that online platform at all. I can be found in the Ruislip area called “Hillingdon North Safer Neighbourhood Police”
Feedback please
We are always looking to improve or better understand our communications. One question we often wonder is “Are our comms read?” So I would like to perform a simple test – if you have received this e-mail, and read this far, could you please press Reply and Send so I can collate responses. If you want to offer feedback please do, but otherwise a blank reply will suffice. Thanks
On another note, our Confidence surveys have shown that residents in Hillingdon are more fearful of a terrorist attack than before. I am looking for some feedback as to why that might be the case. If you have any thoughts or opinions on this specific area, please drop me a line – all suggestions are welcome.
All the best,
Inspector Rob Bryan
Hillingdon North Safer Neighbourhoods
Hillingdon Borough
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North Hillingdon Safer Neighbourhoods Policing: JANUARY update

Latest update from Insp Rob Bryan:


Dear Readers,

Happy New Year and I hope you all enjoyed a safe Christmas. This month I want to share with you some of the successes across Hillingdon Borough as seen through the eyes of our Borough Commander, Nick Downing. Each week Mr Downing sends out an internal communication highlighting good work. At the end of last year he sent out details of our overall successes. Whilst this has been written for an internal audience (so includes some police jargon) he is happy for me to share it with you:

Seasons greetings to you all.

The festive season is upon us. I hope that you will all have some time with your family and friends to enjoy the holiday period. Those of you, who are working both Christmas and New Year, stay safe.

Christmas for me is a time for reflection, looking back on what we as a team have achieved.

I hope that you have all noticed by now that I rarely talk about targets, instead standing by our borough vision, ‘To make Hillingdon the safest borough in London with the most confident and satisfied communities with the best and happiest staff’. I am a believer that if you do your best in everything that you do and are happy in your work then we will be the safest borough in London.

Some headlines and stats to share with you that I hope will make you proud at what you as a team have achieved for our community.

MOPAC 7 crimes on the borough have reduced by 26.5% over the last 4 years. This is the best in the West and fourth across the whole of London, a phenomenal effort.

Over that period burglary has reduced by over 42%. The biggest reduction in London and with a 21% reduction in residential burglary this year. Outstanding

During the period of Bumblebee the borough has the biggest reductions and the highest detection rate in London. Outstanding. Clearly helped last week by the conspiracy charge against David Appleton that linked him to 24 residential burglaries.

So not only do we have some of the best reductions in crime we have the best conviction rate at crown court across the whole of London. That is testament to your outstanding investigations and commitment. Amazingly we have the 3rd highest amount of cases that go to crown court! Quite an effort from a small borough.

80% of victims are now satisfied with the service you provide. We have seen the biggest increase across London.

Our immediate response times currently stand at 88% so not only are you providing a high quality service you are responding in a safe and timely.

Your response to domestic abuse has gone from strength to strength and we now have a detection rate of over 47%, the 3rd best in London. Not only that but  with the increased support of our brilliant IDVAS and VSS our victims are getting the support they need at the time they need it.

Although violence is up we have one of the lowest increases in London at just over 9%. Enhanced licensing activity, anti-violence initiatives, good initial investigations and relentless secondary investigation has made a real difference.

We have the best CAD to CRIS compliance in London which demonstrates to everyone that we are the most ethical. Well done to you all.

We have delivered almost 5000 met trace kits across the borough, making our community safe. We have even launched our very own Christmas Song, ‘let it glow’. (See it on our twitter account)

We are one of the only boroughs to have kept the borough tasking units and what a key decision that was when the recent events in Haringey led to them being on daily deployments, duties changing at short notice and working double shifts so that we could continue policing the borough. Thank you

Thanks to you, we have more public space protection orders and criminal behaviour orders than any where else in London. An integral part of our prevention and disruption work.

Our staff survey results were recognised as being some of the best in London but we cannot be complacent as having read every comment I recognise that there is a lot more that we need to do to make you the happiest team. I need your help to make that happen and commit to keeping you informed on our progress.

Our PCSO’s have been inspiring, keeping smiles on their faces whilst facing uncertainty about their jobs. I am delighted to hear that we will be keeping them. The borough will be a better place for their continued support.

Our war on drug dealers across the borough has been very impactive. In 2 operations over 40 dealers arrested and charged. Most have pleaded guilty. Activity that very few boroughs in London attempt.

Our cadets were recognised by the Home Secretary when she presented them with the Lord Ferrers award for volunteer team of the year. An outstanding achievement by some astonishing and highly committed young people.

We have one of the highest amounts of volunteers in London, supporting us on a daily basis with providing a front counter service at Ruislip, supporting our outstanding public access officers with a triage service at Uxbridge and assisting now in the CID and counter terrorism offices.

This year we have seen the seamless transition of our management and property support teams into local delivery support services. Their commitment to maintain a high level of service has been outstanding. 

Our scenes of crimes officers have teamed up with the West area forensic converter team based at Uxbridge to deliver the best forensic detection performance across London. Another outstanding achievement associated to the borough.

I hope that when or if you read this you like me will be proud of what we as a borough have achieved. This isn’t by chance; this is only achieved by you doing your best every day. We are one team, undoubtedly the best team and a team that we should all be proud of.

Thank you one and all. I wish you a safe, happy and peaceful festive season and look forward to achieving even more next year.



Inspector Rob Bryan

Hillingdon North Safer Neighbourhoods

Hillingdon Borough

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Burglary in Northwood and Eastcote part of the Borough

Not our ward but wanted to share this with you….

Police Message

It appears there is a team of burglars working our area, currently in the  Northwood and Eastcote part of the Borough.

 They are travelling into the Borough in high powered cars on false plates. 3-4 persons working as a team, possibly in more than one car.

These are “professional” burglars who are unlikely to stop for police if escaping a break-in but will do so before the crime in the hope of  blagging their way out of it. We have extra cops in the right areas but it is a constant game of cat and mouse. If we  stop them we have a  good chance of nicking them.

 What we need is more calls into police when something suspicious is  seen. I’ve given you some idea what to look out for. Please keep your eyes peeled.

Alison Fanton

Police Sergeant 21XH

 Northwood and Northwood Hills


North Hillingdon Safer Neighbourhoods Policing: DECEMBER update‏

Dear Readers,
Re Bar Eastcote and Ickenham High Road – murder investigations
Like me I am sure you were all shocked and saddened by the two murders in the north of Hillingdon within a short space of time. These are ongoing investigation and I can say no more than what you have read in the press. Josh Hansen’s murder investigation continues and an international manhunt is underway. Alfie Stone’s murder investigation sees a number of people charged and awaiting trial.
Crimes of this type are rare but when we have two close together (alongside other murders elsewhere in Hillingdon) it can lead to concern about what is happening in our area. I have included here the most recent message from Borough Commander Nick Downing which I hope will offer some reassurance. 

RE: A message from your Borough Commander

Hillingdon borough commander Detective Chief Superintendant Nick Downing said:

“The unprecedented and tragic events in the last four weeks have brought our policing team, partners and communities together in sadness which has installed a collective passion to work together to protect the public.

Three lives have been lost across the borough in isolated and spontaneous acts of violence which are not linked in any way.

Homicide detectives have made multiple arrests in connection with all three investigations. Three people have been charged with the murder of Alfie Stone in Ickenham on 9 November, and two men remain in custody following their arrests in connection with the murder of a woman in her 50’s on 11 November. A national manhunt is also underway to trace a man wanted in connection with the murder of Josh Hanson in Eastcote which occurred on 11 October.

I must add that these incidents are not gang related nor did they result from any domestic matter.

Our team commitment in bringing those responsible for these crimes to justice and safeguarding the community has never been stronger. Clearly this is a time where there may be increased concerns and the need for answers, and we are ensuring continual updates are provided to our communities in line with fast time developments. We want to ensure that the facts are proactively presented at the earliest opportunity to reassure and to diminish any fears.

Our resolute partnership with the LB Hillingdon and our community leaders, is crucial to us in delivering the strongest long term response to tackling all forms of crime, which is on a decrease, despite the rare and tragic four weeks that have passed.

Preventing crime and providing the very best in victim care remains at the heart of everything we do and we are constantly capturing opportunities to develop best practice which fit the needs of our communities.

Testimony to the strength of this joint partnership approach to combating crime and the public’s help and support, over the last 12 months Hillingdon borough has seen marked decrease of knife incidents resulting in 45 less crimes.

We are now working even harder and will not rest until knife crime is effectively tackled from all angle – in classrooms, at street level and in homes and social environments by creating strong and meaningful conversations with people, whatever their background is, to encourage the best life choices.

Violence and criminal activity in any form simply has no place in Hillingdon.

As ever your voice remains a powerful tool in preventing crime and can help us in fight against crime. If you have any information or concerns about an issue which is affecting you or your community, please speak to us.”

Harefield ANZAC graves – criminal damage
Last weekend the ANZAC war graves in Harefield were damaged by means of mindless graffiti. This senseless crime has caused outrage locally and due to the nature of the crime it has received national coverage as well as media interest in Australia and New Zealand. This is an ongoing investigation and we are pursuing a number of leads. Here is our most recent press release:
Police in Hillingdon investigating criminal damage to a number of ANZAC war graves at St Mary’s Church, Harefield have arrested a man and seized a motor vehicle.
A 29-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday, 25 November on suspicion of causing criminal damage. He has been bailed to a date in December.
Rob Bryan, the Safer Neighbourhoods Inspector for North Hillingdon said:
“This is a positive first step in this investigation, but it does not end here. I reiterate my request for anyone with information about this crime to come forward. Someone knows the truth of how these gravestones came to be damaged and I urge them to speak up”.
If you have information then you can contact Inspector Bryan directly at or phone 101 quoting 0923805/15. If you want to remain anonymous contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.
As you can see we are making progress. However this investigation is far from over. Someone out there knows who did this and they hold the key to ensuring justice is done. I ask that anyone with information about who committed these acts of vandalism contact me or Crimestoppers immediately.
I hope that next month my news for you will be more positive. All the best,
Inspector Rob Bryan
Hillingdon North Safer Neighbourhoods
Hillingdon Borough
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North Hillingdon Safer Neighbourhoods Policing: SEPTEMBER update‏

From Inspector Rob Bryan…

Dear Readers,

 This month I return to my favourite topic and one from which I get a lot of positive feedback, and that is highlighting the good work being undertaken by your local Safer Neighbourhood officers. In previous editions I have focused on all the positive arrests that were being made. This time, I cover a much broader range of community policing to give you a flavour of what your officers are up to.
Good Work
The consequences of public disorder: Whilst on patrol in Northwood, PCSO Soler and PCSO Usher stopped to speak to several youths who were hanging around a residential area on mopeds. They spoke to one youth who had been riding his moped in an anti-social manner. The youth became aggressive and began swearing at both PCSOs and calling them plastic policemen. Having no power of arrest, the officers liaised with their police constable colleagues on the North High Visibility Team. Sgt Moore then visited the youth at his home address and issued him with a Section 59 Police Reform Act warning notification on his moped and a penalty notice for public order. He was also found to be in possession of an altered driving licence so he was arrested for fraud. This person’s behaviour was totally unacceptable. Whether he was taking to a public servant or a member of the public makes no difference and he was dealt with accordingly.
Community engagement: PCSO Usher and PCSO Soler (again) assisted a local Brownie Group in achieving their crime prevention badge. The officers attended St Helens school where the Brownies meet and helped the girls out with getting their badges. The Brownies needed to learn and understand various aspects of crime prevention and come up with their own crime prevention campaign. Both PCSOs assisted by imparting their knowledge on the group and Brown Owl was really pleased.
Prison is no escape from the law: A nice surprise was waiting for one of our local villains when he was released from Wormwood Scrubs after serving time for a separate offence. PC Brown, the local bobby for Eastcote ward, was waiting for him at the gate and he was swiftly arrested for other offences. He was later charged and remanded back into custody having had no opportunity to re-offend.
Faith engagement: PC Bell and PCSO Usher were present during a ceremony on Green Lane, Northwood to celebrate the Jewish community as the Rabbi opened and read from the new Torah at the Tree of Remembrance in Northwood. Approximately 200 people attended the celebration. In the same week, PC Beverley and PC Webster from the South Ruislip team visited the Deanesfield Community Mosque holding a crime prevention stall and meeting the Imam and local worshippers. The Northwood Hills team attended the “big lunch” event organised by the Emmanuel Church, Northwood Hills. The event was attended by at least 300 local residents and church goers and due to the sunny weather was a great success with food, music, singing, games and chatting. The officers spoke to a number of residents about issues in the area and had the opportunity to mingle with lots of people who were on deck chairs in the sun. Places of worship are great places for the local police teams to meet and engage with local people.
How can you never see a copper when we do all this?: In just one week in June, PCSO Dickens and PCSO Sandhu used school drop off time to hold a meet and greet community engagement event outside Field End Junior School talking to the parents about any concerns or issues; PCSO Usher and PC Bell attended an opening event for a new playground at Northwood Recreational Park. The Mayor and the local councillors were also there to celebrate the new playground being open. Lots of children were taking advantage of the new attraction and the officers were able to use the occasion as a point of engagement with local residents; PC Westwood and PCSO Soler attended the Holy Trinity School in Northwood Hills and gave talks to classes all about personal safety, stranger danger and road safety; PC Webster and PC Solanki participated in the opening of a new playground just off Long Lane and managed to ride the roundabout with the Mayor. PC Lord and PC Foley undertook joint speeding / no insurance checks on the fast roads in Ickenham and Harefield seizing 4 vehicles and issuing 4 speeding tickets; the Eastcote team held a bike marking event at the annual Eastcote House Gardens fete. The event was attended by over 1000 people providing an excellent opportunity for the team to offer crime prevention advice and help the community and residents to protect their property. Surely that amounts to good visibility?
Ready for anything: The Harefield team were on hand at the village summer fete. This was a great community engagement opportunity where the officers chatted with several hundred local residents. The day turned into more than tea and buns however. Whilst at the fete, the officers responded to a call nearby to neighbours fighting. PC Foley found the victim and secured the suspects address until back-up arrived. The suspect was arrested, PC Foley obtained the victim statement before returning to his cup of tea at the fete.
Helping out at big events: Officers from West Ruislip and Northwood teams assisted the Michael Sobell Hospice with a “Ladies in the Night” charity walk around Northwood and Northwood Hills. The event had over 1000 walkers all raising money for cancer charities. Everyone was in high spirits and the event went without incident. Much to some of the walkers surprise a stray dog tried to join in the walk. Officers were quickly on hand and called out the dog warden. Thankfully due to their twitter appeal the dog was soon reunited with its owner. The team received a big thank you from the event organisers. Only a few hours later some of those officers were back on duty for when RAF Northolt held its centenary open day. 13,000 attendees safely entered and exited the base without too many problems, and were able to enjoy the fly by’s and rides. . Everything was going so well until the RAF sniffer dog identified a car inside the perimeter that smelt of explosives. This was handles quickly by us and found to be nothing more scary than a spilt can of engine oil! The quick handling of this incident and engagement with those held up on entry was soon appearing on Facebook, but all comments were positive. The event also provided a great engagement opportunity for the local officers.
Cops hotwire motorbike!: Sgt Fanton, PC Christmas and PC Bell (Northwood and Northwood Hills team) were alerted to two large, high powered motorbikes that had been found in the Ruislip Woods. After hunting around the woods they managed to find two motorbikes that had been hidden there. Efforts had clearly been made to disguise them under branches and markings made on the footway to direct people in to where they were hidden. The bikes were stolen from outside London. Clearly they were going to be used to commit crime and did not appear to be just local youths who had nicked some mopeds. Getting the bikes out of the woods was not straightforward. PC Christmas managed to use his skills from a misspent youth to get the ignition on in order to get the bike moving, followed by a lot of heaving and sweating to get the bikes out of the woods. This has clearly disrupted someone’s criminal plans so it was all worth it.
Nicking villains: I know the focus of these stories has been community policing but lets not forget the hard work of the High Visibility Team. In one week alone they arrested one person for driving whilst disqualified, five people for possession of drugs with intent to supply, one person for stealing a car and two people for theft.
Contact details for your local sergeants   
Ali Fagg has been replaced by David Peaks so updated contact e-mails for your local ward sergeants are as follows:
Cavendish and Manor Wards – Sgt Jonno Shard (
Eastcote & East Ruislip and West Ruislip – Sgt Eleanor Charlston (
Harefield and Ickenham – Sgt David Peaks (
Northwood and Northwood Hills – Sgt Alison Fanton (
South Ruislip – Sgt Chris Kerr (
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Police Update from Inspector Rob Bryan

Dear reader,
I would like to make an appeal to you all to pass the following to as many people as you have access to:
Crime Prevention E-Mail Alerts
Hillingdon Police maintain a register of local residents and businesses who wish to receive regular crime prevention messages from the police via e-mail. With 45,000 households in the north of the Borough, with a potential 100,000 e-mail addresses, you would think we would have a huge bank of contacts to pass on messages to. Sadly not. Per ward, the take up for the register is currently as follows:
Harefield – 43 
Northwood – 184
Northwood Hills – 157  
Eastcote & East Ruislip – 93   
West Ruislip – 51      
Cavendish – 66 
Manor – 121    
South Ruislip – 126    
Ickenham – 81  
We are wasting a really good resource here and I urge you all to sign up and get everyone you know in Hillingdon to sign up too. I have bent my sergeants ears over this as I want to see the numbers increase but they tell me people just don’t want to give up their e-mail addresses. I have posted the details of the register to a few facebook sites too and the take up could be counted on one hand so maybe they are right. But I don’t want them to be right so help me prove them wrong – the e-mail addresses are kept secure and are not passed on to anyone else and it is really simple to sign up. Just go to and follow the instructions. It takes a few minutes only. You can tailor your profile on the register so as to receive messages relevant to you. A recent example was when reports of a suspicious man near a school was reported to us, we were able to get that out to those on the register who lived in the area. This is a good system, lets make use of it.
Example E-Mail Alert – this is what is being sent out this week to people on the contact list.
As a member of the Hillingdon Community your are receiving this to assist you in protecting your family, friends, colleagues and yourself from becoming a victim of crime. Crime takes all types of forms and the information is aimed to assist you in many areas. Please click on the words for the areas you are interested in to be taken to the Metropolitan Police Website:
Personal safety  Even in a city as busy and crowded as London, incidents of mugging and pick pocketing are still quite low. Knowing how and where criminals who commit these crimes operate will help you avoid falling victim to them.
Advice on Burglary Prevention Burglary can be financially costly and emotionally devastating to victims. However, by taking just a few simple measures you can dramatically reduce the chances of it happening to you.
Vehicle safety   Most vehicle crime is preventable. It can take less than a minute for a thief to steal something from your vehicle.
Community  From business to Pubwatch to Neighbourhood Watch, we all have a role to play in ensuring our community remains safe.
Travel safety and security advice The Roads and Transport Policing Command has provided advice for staying safe when using London’s Transport network, or if cycling around the City.
Fraud Alert The Fraud alert team has provided this information as a resource to assist in combating fraud and other economic crime, and to prevent you becoming a victim of crime.
Protecting your mobile phone The National Mobile Phone Crime Unit website has been set up to inform you of crime trends, what the unit is doing to counter them and how you can help to protect yourself being a victim of phone crime.
Businesses This information is intended to help and advise small retailers on how to reduce the risk of robbery at their premises and, where robberies do occur, to minimise the impact on staff and customers.
Wildlife Crime   In Britain the responsibility for enforcement of the laws protecting our wildlife rests with the police service. However, many different offences are committed against wildlife in this country every year, and this is what we mean by wildlife crime.
Art and antiques  Photographs of a stolen object greatly improve the chances of recovery. Photographs can be taken using any photographic format and need not prove to be expensive.
If the links do not work for you, the information can also be accessed by typing the following into your internet browser
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