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Bessingby Bowls Club are looking for new members – Why not try this great pastime?


From Bessingby Bowls Club:

Bessingby is a bowls club founded in 1991 and which has a proud tradition of being a welcoming and friendly club for men and women of all ages. Having occupied a dilapidated hut we we have just taken possession of a brand new pavilion from the Council who, along with supplying the premises, has constructed a patio area and landscaped the grounds. We share this with Deane Park Bowls Club.

The pavilion was handed over to the members on the 26th February at 10.30am. The Council Leader, cabinet members, the Mayoress and other council officers attended the opening ceremony at which a plaque was unveiled and members of each club chatted with them over some food and a nice cup of tea!

We are looking forward to starting the bowls season at the end of April and would like you to join us. We have an Open Day on 9th May starting at 10 am. Roll up days are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 2pm and Wednesday evenings at 7pm. So even if you work you can enjoy the game of bowls and even play in the matches!

In addition we will be running social functions during the year.

Interested? E-mail the Chairman at ianandanne@blueyonder.co.uk Or ring 0208 582 1801