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Residents Parking Hearing: Victoria Road

Linda Clarke, one of the SRRA committee members is one of the prime movers behind a petition to add residents parking in restricted times on Victoria Road between West Mead and Braintree Road.

Google Street View of Victoria Road South Ruislip
Google Street View of Victoria Road South Ruislip

“With the commuter parking and with the heavy lorries (off the building works of the ARLA and Focus sites) and buses trying to pass each chaos ensues.  A petition was signed by nearly all of the householders in our short bit of Victoria Road.  We had over 30 signed and the council have accepted it.

“On Wednesday 17th February at 7pm in committee room 3 at the Civic Centre we will I hope hear good news that Councillor Burrows will ask for a investigation into to our petition and some sort of easing of the traffic.”

If you have an interest in the petition please pop along and contribute at the meeting.