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ARLA / AVIVA Sites Junction with Victoria Road and West Mead

This concerns the junction outside the new B&M Homestores / Aldi, with the work ongoing.  This Facebook post from Brian Dazley sums up the issue and Brian’s concerns…

West End Road Victoria Road

We have approached our local councillors… here was South Ruislip Cllr Judy Kelly’s follow up to council traffic officers.

“I received the attached email today complaining about the confusing lay out of the junction of West Mead with Victoria Road.and I would totally agree with the comments

When these plans were first drawn up and shown to local councillors Cllr. Kaufman and I booked an appointment with the traffic officers to object to the ‘no right turn’ out of West Mead.  We pointed out that as there is already a ‘no right’ turn coming from Long Drive it would turn many of the side roads into ‘rat runs’ as they would become the only means of turning right into Victoria Road.

At this meeting it was agreed that although the traffic lights were to be moved it would still be possible to make a right turn out of West Mead yet it is very unclear how to do this as there are obstacles straight in front so one has to drive partially along the wrong side of the road before getting onto the correct carriageway.  it is indeed a very dangerous situation.  Can this be rectified as a matter of urgency please.”

We will feedback as we hear more, however if you have concerns it is well worth also phoning the council 01895 250111 and leaving feedback for them on this issue directly.  The more people that contact the more likely they are to reply urgently.

Residents Parking Hearing: Victoria Road

Linda Clarke, one of the SRRA committee members is one of the prime movers behind a petition to add residents parking in restricted times on Victoria Road between West Mead and Braintree Road.

Google Street View of Victoria Road South Ruislip
Google Street View of Victoria Road South Ruislip

“With the commuter parking and with the heavy lorries (off the building works of the ARLA and Focus sites) and buses trying to pass each chaos ensues.  A petition was signed by nearly all of the householders in our short bit of Victoria Road.  We had over 30 signed and the council have accepted it.

“On Wednesday 17th February at 7pm in committee room 3 at the Civic Centre we will I hope hear good news that Councillor Burrows will ask for a investigation into to our petition and some sort of easing of the traffic.”

If you have an interest in the petition please pop along and contribute at the meeting.

Lidl Planning Application to be heard Wednesday 18th November – UPDATE: Planning Permission Granted

We’ve had  a number of questions from members about the application and we are pleased to say that this  one is set to be heard on the 12th November 2015 at the Uxbridge Civic Centre.

Lidl ApplicationThe planning application concerns Lidl’s proposed new supermarket at the previous Rover Garage/Comet site on Victoria Road near Wickes.  As opposed to the application on the old Land of Leather site near the ARLA development which has already obtained planning permission.

The site will be developed into a new supermarket as per the application here.  If you are for or against the development you  are welcome to attend the committee hearing on 18th Nov, Committee Room 5, Civic Centre, High Street, Uxbridge UB8 1UW.

UPDATE: **At the planning hearing the development was granted planning permission.**

Signs of Life at the Focus Site….

Focus Site
Focus Site

Toys shop planning applications and there two  others online at Hillingdon planning.  This could well be seen now because the owners, AVIVA, expect the ARLA site on Victoria Road to get planning permission…

In brief the plans are straightforward  and seem to be amendments to the two units:

  • To demolish the garden centre section in favour of car parking
  • To extend the range of goods to be sold.
  • Change in the internal configuration

For more information search online at Hillingdon Planning for applications


ARLA South Ruislip Retail Development

ARLA South Ruislip
ARLA South Ruislip

One key issue for us in South Ruislip at the moment is the building on the ARLA site.  The majority of the residents, local councillors and the committee of the SRRA are in favour of the new shopping facilities and housing being built.  There are plans for a new supermarket, ASDA, a cinema, housing and family restaurants.

Those against speak in particular of the concerns with traffic.  Our argument is that there will be more traffic anyway and counter peak traffic won’t be as detrimental as traffic at peaks such as if the site was all housing.  Besides we like the idea of competition with Sainsburys.  If you have a point of view on this issue you are always welcome to leave a comment below or attend the planning meeting when it takes place or write to your councillors with your viewpoint.

The consultation process has finished now, but details of the plan can be found here on Hillingdon’s planning portal.

A decision is due by 05/08/2014, but often they take longer subject to the timing of the next available major planning committee meeting.

The developers website can be found just here.