North Hillingdon Local Policing: APRIL circular‏

Dear reader,
Thank you for the positive messages received in response to last months circular. Always nice for my officers to get praise, which has been passed on to them.
Changes to Local Policing
We all remember the old Safer Neighbourhoods model of 1-2-3 which meant a local bobby was often seen. That changed when we moved to the Local Policing Model a few years ago, which for a variety of reasons reduced the visibility of local officers on the beat.
I am pleased to say the Local Policing Model has been reviewed and a number of changes made. It is not an increase in resources but rather a more focused way of deploying those resources so they remain visible:
Local officers used to have to cover the Appointment Cars. These are four cars across the Borough, working a day shift and a late shift. The car attended incidents where the caller was happy for an appointment. That meant 8 local officers a day not being visible locally. That has now changed and the Appointment Car is covered by officers on the 24/7 Emergency Response Teams.
Local officers used to have to cover a variety of tasks which took them away from their beat (hospital guards, constant watches in custody, crime scene guards). Again, these tasks now fall to the Emergency Response Teams.
Dedicated Ward Officers are ring-fenced and that comes from the very top of the Organisation. They will remain on their beats.
The shift roster has been reviewed and local officers will now work more hours where they are visible to the majority of the community. 
What does that mean in reality?
For the North, it means you now have the following resources for every two wards:
One sergeant
Four PCs, two of whom are the Dedicated Ward Officers and cannot be abstracted.
Two PCSOs, both of whom are Dedicated Ward Officers and cannot be abstracted.  
The two non-dedicated PCs can be abstracted for aid, but not for those tasks listed above. You should see more cops on the beat.
Additional to these officers is the North High Visibility Team, a dedicated team of one sergeant and five PCs who are tasked to disrupt offenders in our area. They are very proactive – in one week in March they made the following arrests: six people were arrested for possession with intent to supply drugs, one person was arrested for disqualified driving, one person was arrested for stealing a car and one of our well known criminals was arrested and remanded in custody for two counts of theft. 
Bobby’s on the beat are not a thing of the past and I hope you notice the difference.
Inspector Rob Bryan
North Cluster
Hillingdon Borough
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+ Ruislip Police Station, The Oaks, HA4 7LE
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Judge Rejects Sainsbury’s Call for Judicial Review

Hot off the press!  Information from the Judge at the ARLA request for a Judicial Review.  The judge rejected Sainsbury’s claims on all three grounds.  Sainsbury’s have seven days to appeal but we hope they don’t given, what we understand to be, the strength and language of the judgement against Sainsbury’s appeal.   I am sure there will be more on this soon but thought you would like to know! Will update when we know more.

Bessingby Bowls Club are looking for new members – Why not try this great pastime?


From Bessingby Bowls Club:

Bessingby is a bowls club founded in 1991 and which has a proud tradition of being a welcoming and friendly club for men and women of all ages. Having occupied a dilapidated hut we we have just taken possession of a brand new pavilion from the Council who, along with supplying the premises, has constructed a patio area and landscaped the grounds. We share this with Deane Park Bowls Club.

The pavilion was handed over to the members on the 26th February at 10.30am. The Council Leader, cabinet members, the Mayoress and other council officers attended the opening ceremony at which a plaque was unveiled and members of each club chatted with them over some food and a nice cup of tea!

We are looking forward to starting the bowls season at the end of April and would like you to join us. We have an Open Day on 9th May starting at 10 am. Roll up days are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 2pm and Wednesday evenings at 7pm. So even if you work you can enjoy the game of bowls and even play in the matches!

In addition we will be running social functions during the year.

Interested? E-mail the Chairman at Or ring 0208 582 1801


General Election Hustings for Uxbridge and South Ruislip

We have had notice of an election hustings from the North Uxbridge Residents Association.   This is not a ticketed event – first come first served.

General Election Hustings for Uxbridge and South Ruislip








 in St Michaels Church, Windsor Street, Uxbridge

on Friday, 10th April at 7.30pm


 The occasion is organized by the North Uxbridge Residents Association in association with St Margarets Church and the Hillingdon Inter Faith Network



 The object of the meeting is to give residents the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates listed above so we can understand better the differences between the approach and policies of each candidate and the party they represent.

The meeting will be chaired by NURA Chairman, Paul Johnson. Residents wishing to ask questions must table them in advance, either by email (on or on paper using a delivery box located in Uxbridge Central Library. No anonymous questions will be accepted and only those submitted in advance will be tabled.



SRRA Member Question: What Next for the Land of Leather and Focus Site?

Good Morning,

I have lived in South Ruislip for the past 15 years where we appear to have more and more unused property which is getting to be a little concerning to say the least.
I am aware of the city grove development and the challenges faced by Sainsbury which is not ideal as was looking forward to the development which has so much potential for the area, however I guess I got a bit lost when I heard that the old Focus and Land of Leather site is not part of the old dairy development.

When making enquires I was informed that any of the following could be moving into the site, A Smyth's Toy Store, A night club and a Aldi.
I haven't seen anything come through my door with regards to this and surely as a resident we should be informed of what is being attracted to the area specifically if a night club is planned.

Could you please confirm if know what is planned for the old Focus/Land of Leather site as this is concerning that it is not part of the old dairy development and anything could end up in there.

Kind regards,

A Concerned Resident.

Good question.

You are quite right it is a separate site.

However the fate of that site is firmly tied with the ARLA development.  Provided the ARLA site goes ahead the Focus/Land of Leather site becomes more valuable to the owners (AVIVA) because of the expected footfall the ARLA development brings.

Latest planning requests show requests for retail variations on planning rather than activity such as nightclubs, but these are registered from July last year and are still undecided, although have recently been amended (03/03/2015) assuming that the Citygrove development goes ahead.

Hearsay indicates Aldi and a B&M Homestore, but you can appreciate that who goes in there under existing planning classes is not something we can lobby on or will necessarily be aware of.

If we saw a planning request for a nightclub we would be most vocal about it!  I think this unlikely given the owners have put in these retail variations.

Better quality retail units being attracted to this site is another reason for supporting Sainsbury’s restriction of competition in the area by calling for a Judicial Review of the ARLA development.