Hillingdon Literary Festival 16th-18th October 2015

Hillingdon Literary Festival

Brunel University, Waterstones,  London Borough of Hillingdon and others are getting together to organise a literary festival next month at Brunel University.

Big name attendees include Will Self, Kate Mosse and poet Benjamin Zephaniah.

The Festival is taking place between Friday 16th October and Sunday 18th October.

Full details of the event including a packed schedule of events can be found at:


Hope you enjoy the event if you decide to go.

“Last Night of the Proms” Concert – Saturday 19th September 2015




our 40th Anniversary Concert

Performance by

The Friary Guildford Brass Band

Guest Soloists: Jeff Stewart -Tenor

Cherish Bristow – Soprano

19th September 2015

The Winston Churchill Theatre

Time: 7:30pm

 Tickets £12.00 Booking through Hillingdon Theatres Box office  01895673200


Charity Trust Fund No.282190

The Ruislip Lions add, this is a charity event with the proceeds going to local charities including Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research.

North Hillingdon Safer Neighbourhoods Policing: SEPTEMBER update‏

From Inspector Rob Bryan…

Dear Readers,

 This month I return to my favourite topic and one from which I get a lot of positive feedback, and that is highlighting the good work being undertaken by your local Safer Neighbourhood officers. In previous editions I have focused on all the positive arrests that were being made. This time, I cover a much broader range of community policing to give you a flavour of what your officers are up to.
Good Work
The consequences of public disorder: Whilst on patrol in Northwood, PCSO Soler and PCSO Usher stopped to speak to several youths who were hanging around a residential area on mopeds. They spoke to one youth who had been riding his moped in an anti-social manner. The youth became aggressive and began swearing at both PCSOs and calling them plastic policemen. Having no power of arrest, the officers liaised with their police constable colleagues on the North High Visibility Team. Sgt Moore then visited the youth at his home address and issued him with a Section 59 Police Reform Act warning notification on his moped and a penalty notice for public order. He was also found to be in possession of an altered driving licence so he was arrested for fraud. This person’s behaviour was totally unacceptable. Whether he was taking to a public servant or a member of the public makes no difference and he was dealt with accordingly.
Community engagement: PCSO Usher and PCSO Soler (again) assisted a local Brownie Group in achieving their crime prevention badge. The officers attended St Helens school where the Brownies meet and helped the girls out with getting their badges. The Brownies needed to learn and understand various aspects of crime prevention and come up with their own crime prevention campaign. Both PCSOs assisted by imparting their knowledge on the group and Brown Owl was really pleased.
Prison is no escape from the law: A nice surprise was waiting for one of our local villains when he was released from Wormwood Scrubs after serving time for a separate offence. PC Brown, the local bobby for Eastcote ward, was waiting for him at the gate and he was swiftly arrested for other offences. He was later charged and remanded back into custody having had no opportunity to re-offend.
Faith engagement: PC Bell and PCSO Usher were present during a ceremony on Green Lane, Northwood to celebrate the Jewish community as the Rabbi opened and read from the new Torah at the Tree of Remembrance in Northwood. Approximately 200 people attended the celebration. In the same week, PC Beverley and PC Webster from the South Ruislip team visited the Deanesfield Community Mosque holding a crime prevention stall and meeting the Imam and local worshippers. The Northwood Hills team attended the “big lunch” event organised by the Emmanuel Church, Northwood Hills. The event was attended by at least 300 local residents and church goers and due to the sunny weather was a great success with food, music, singing, games and chatting. The officers spoke to a number of residents about issues in the area and had the opportunity to mingle with lots of people who were on deck chairs in the sun. Places of worship are great places for the local police teams to meet and engage with local people.
How can you never see a copper when we do all this?: In just one week in June, PCSO Dickens and PCSO Sandhu used school drop off time to hold a meet and greet community engagement event outside Field End Junior School talking to the parents about any concerns or issues; PCSO Usher and PC Bell attended an opening event for a new playground at Northwood Recreational Park. The Mayor and the local councillors were also there to celebrate the new playground being open. Lots of children were taking advantage of the new attraction and the officers were able to use the occasion as a point of engagement with local residents; PC Westwood and PCSO Soler attended the Holy Trinity School in Northwood Hills and gave talks to classes all about personal safety, stranger danger and road safety; PC Webster and PC Solanki participated in the opening of a new playground just off Long Lane and managed to ride the roundabout with the Mayor. PC Lord and PC Foley undertook joint speeding / no insurance checks on the fast roads in Ickenham and Harefield seizing 4 vehicles and issuing 4 speeding tickets; the Eastcote team held a bike marking event at the annual Eastcote House Gardens fete. The event was attended by over 1000 people providing an excellent opportunity for the team to offer crime prevention advice and help the community and residents to protect their property. Surely that amounts to good visibility?
Ready for anything: The Harefield team were on hand at the village summer fete. This was a great community engagement opportunity where the officers chatted with several hundred local residents. The day turned into more than tea and buns however. Whilst at the fete, the officers responded to a call nearby to neighbours fighting. PC Foley found the victim and secured the suspects address until back-up arrived. The suspect was arrested, PC Foley obtained the victim statement before returning to his cup of tea at the fete.
Helping out at big events: Officers from West Ruislip and Northwood teams assisted the Michael Sobell Hospice with a “Ladies in the Night” charity walk around Northwood and Northwood Hills. The event had over 1000 walkers all raising money for cancer charities. Everyone was in high spirits and the event went without incident. Much to some of the walkers surprise a stray dog tried to join in the walk. Officers were quickly on hand and called out the dog warden. Thankfully due to their twitter appeal the dog was soon reunited with its owner. The team received a big thank you from the event organisers. Only a few hours later some of those officers were back on duty for when RAF Northolt held its centenary open day. 13,000 attendees safely entered and exited the base without too many problems, and were able to enjoy the fly by’s and rides. . Everything was going so well until the RAF sniffer dog identified a car inside the perimeter that smelt of explosives. This was handles quickly by us and found to be nothing more scary than a spilt can of engine oil! The quick handling of this incident and engagement with those held up on entry was soon appearing on Facebook, but all comments were positive. The event also provided a great engagement opportunity for the local officers.
Cops hotwire motorbike!: Sgt Fanton, PC Christmas and PC Bell (Northwood and Northwood Hills team) were alerted to two large, high powered motorbikes that had been found in the Ruislip Woods. After hunting around the woods they managed to find two motorbikes that had been hidden there. Efforts had clearly been made to disguise them under branches and markings made on the footway to direct people in to where they were hidden. The bikes were stolen from outside London. Clearly they were going to be used to commit crime and did not appear to be just local youths who had nicked some mopeds. Getting the bikes out of the woods was not straightforward. PC Christmas managed to use his skills from a misspent youth to get the ignition on in order to get the bike moving, followed by a lot of heaving and sweating to get the bikes out of the woods. This has clearly disrupted someone’s criminal plans so it was all worth it.
Nicking villains: I know the focus of these stories has been community policing but lets not forget the hard work of the High Visibility Team. In one week alone they arrested one person for driving whilst disqualified, five people for possession of drugs with intent to supply, one person for stealing a car and two people for theft.
Contact details for your local sergeants   
Ali Fagg has been replaced by David Peaks so updated contact e-mails for your local ward sergeants are as follows:
Cavendish and Manor Wards – Sgt Jonno Shard (jonathan.shard@met.police.uk)
Eastcote & East Ruislip and West Ruislip – Sgt Eleanor Charlston (eleanor.charlston@met.police.uk)
Harefield and Ickenham – Sgt David Peaks (david.j.peaks@met.police.uk)
Northwood and Northwood Hills – Sgt Alison Fanton (alison.fanton@met.police.uk)
South Ruislip – Sgt Chris Kerr (chris.f.kerr@met.police.uk)
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All the best,
Inspector Rob Bryan
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