Lidl: To Increase Size of Store


Henry Neel from Lidl has provided an update on the development of Lidl at the Rover/Comet site which makes interesting reading and we were keen to share:

As you are aware on 18 November 2015 we received the long awaited but brilliant news that Lidl was granted planning permission for the construction of a Lidl foodstore on the former Imperial House site in South Ruislip. Since the application was submitted the Lidl concept has evolved, and not long before it was due to be determined we had an opportunity to acquire some additional land, which we did. As a result of the continued success of the company and tremendous local support, there is now a fantastic opportunity to construct our latest store design on the former Rover show room and Comet store site. The new proposal will provide the local community with a slightly larger store with increased car parking but importantly a more spacious, brighter and comfortable store enabling customers to benefit from an enhanced shopping experience.

A new full planning application for the new proposed store was submitted on 30 November 2015 and is now awaiting determination by London Borough of Hillingdon (LBH). I am in regular communication with LBH and I’m hopeful that we will receive a decision in the first part of next year. 

The South Ruislip residents have been very supportive of Lidl and have taken an active interest in our progress with this site. As a result, I am keen to provide residents with updates and have produced a dedicated website, which provides individuals with all of the information on this new and improved scheme. I have also produced an online petition, as it is very important that residents have their say and if they are in support of our application to redevelop the site, it is vital that they make their views known to their local Ward Councillor.

Coped below is a list of the links which individuals may be interested in visiting:

–  Website: 

–  Online petition:

–  Planning Application:

Thank you once again for your assistance with this application and no doubt speak soon.

Kind regards


Henry Neel MRICS
Senior Consultant

T:  02089 058 766
A: London North West Property Office, 4-14 Blackbird Hill, London, NW9 8SD


Editor: In the interests of balance, should you wish, you can also object to the proposal on planning grounds by writing to the planning committee or ward councillor as well.