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South Ruislip Crime Prevention – Meet the police team and get advice and help


These stall offer advice, leaflets and general information to secure your home and personal safety.

SAINSBURY Supermarket

Friday 20th Sept 1-2 pm

ASDA Supermarket

Saturday 14 Sept 6-7pm

Thursday 26 Sept 3-4 pm

Residents can contact us using any of the following methods

Email : SouthRuislip.snt@met.pnn.police.uk

Twitter : @MPSSouthRuislip for regular updates.

Telephone 07843291093

Upcoming Meetings: If you’d like to meet the team and discuss any concerns, we will be holding surgeries at the following locations;

Drop In Surgery

South Ruislip Library

Friday 20th Sept 12- 1pm

Thursday 26th Sept 12-1pm

Weekly Crime Update: Cavendish Ward

From the Cavendish SNT is this very local update.  Look forward to one for the South Ruislip ward;

Dear Readers,

Welcome to your weekly update.  Within these updates I will focus on local crime and the issues effecting you and the local community.  My last crime update has been very well received with some excellent feedback.  If you feel you have prevented a crime, seen some suspicious activity, and you believe other readers would benefit from knowing, please reply and it will considered for entry in to the next crime update.

I aim to send these updates on the Monday of the following week.  However, this will be dependant on shift patterns and availability of data.



17-03-2016 to 20-03-2016 – Field End Road, Ruislip – Suspects have kicked the rear door off the hinges and entered the property. No items stolen. Ref 0905611/16.

21-03-2016 – PM – Bideford Road, Ruislip – Suspects have entered property via a rear door.  Jewellery and cash stolen.  Ref 0905739/16.

21-03-2016 – PM – Oak Grove, Ruislip – Suspects have forced entry via a rear door.  No items stolen.  Ref 0905740/16.

21-03-2016 – PM – Seaton Gardens, Ruislip – Suspects have gained entry by smashing a rear patio door and forcing a kitchen window.  Witness has seen four IC1 males leave the venue and drive away in a black saloon vehicle.

Motor vehicle crime

22-03-2016 – Overnight – Ashburton Road, Ruislip – Suspects have entered vehicle by an unknown method and damaged ignition barrel. (See crime prevention below) Vehicle not stolen.  Ref 0905818/16.

24-03-2016 – Overnight – Windmill Way, Ruislip – Suspects have stolen a Silver Honda CBF-4 motorcycle with registration FX05YXN.  Ref 0905995/16.

25-03-2016 – PM – Denbigh Close, Ruislip – Number plates stolen from vehicle. Ref 0906058/16.

Theft – Person

No incidents reported.


No incidents reported.


No incidents reported.

If you were a witness to any of the above crimes or have any information, please call 101 or make contact by either of the means below.

Crime Prevention

Motor vehicle crime

Over the last few months there has been an increase in the number of ‘theft from’ and ‘theft of’ motor vehicles.  Many of these crimes have been reported where there has been no sign of forced entry to the vehicle or the vehicle has been stolen with the lawful owner still in possession of the keys.  I have made contact with PC Pick of Thames Valley Police who has been in contact with an expert at the vehicle testing centre in Thatcham.  He has offered the following information;

There are currently two main locking systems for vehicles.  These are key fob and keyless entry.  Both can leave your vehicle vulnerable to crime if certain precautions are not taken.

Key Fob entry

The system works by sending random combinations of code to the vehicle each time the fob is pressed.  Therefore, thieves copying the code is useless so they have come up with another way to prevent you from locking your vehicle.

Thieves are overcoming this by jamming the signal from your key fob to your vehicle by using a number of different devices.  These devices can be purchased from as little as £2 from the internet and come in many forms such as garage door openers and house light controllers/dimmers.  Many of these devices act to block your key fobs when you attempt to lock your vehicle.

Thieves are able to block signals in whole areas such as car parks or streets by hiding these devices in bushes with a clothes peg activating the device for long periods of time and without the need for them to be in the vicinity.

There is a solution.  Once you have activated your key fob, YOU MUST ensure the lights have flashed indicating the car has received the signal, and then check the vehicle is locked by lifting a door handle.

Keyless Car entry

The signal for a vehicle with keyless entry cannot be jammed so thieves will simply smash a window to steal your property.

The signal used for vehicles with this form of security system is unchanging and broadcasts continuously between the fob and the vehicle.  IT CAN BE COPIED. 

Fobs made by different manufacturers use different ranges and the signal can vary in terms of strength and useable distance.  This is the distance between the vehicle and the range in which the vehicle will be unlocked.  This can be up to 30 feet from the vehicle.  For many people this could be less than the distance between your vehicle and where you leave your keys once inside your home.  YOUR VEHICLE MIGHT NOT BE LOCKED.  Alternatively, if your fob is transmitting continuously, the distance between where the device is in your home and the pavement, driveway etc. may be sufficient for a potential thief to copy the signal.  Once copied the thief can not only enter your car but also steal it or any property within it.

The advice from Thatcham is as follows;

If you have a vehicle with a keyless entry system, keep the key in a ‘Faraday Cage’ where the signal cannot escape.  This is the same advice as given to us in relation to tap credit and debit cards.  You can now purchase small metal credit card cases at an affordable price.  You can then remove the plastic card holders and keep your key fob in there.  Search for RFID blocking case/wallet.

DO NOT leave anything on display that a thief may find attractive.  This includes any electronic/valuable items such as phones and sat navs, but also be aware of other items such as bags, child seats and clothing.

Have you been a witness to any suspicious behaviour that may be of interest to your local Police officers?  Please let us know.  All information is gratefully received.

Neighbourhood Watch

Are you interested in setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme for your road?  Get in touch and we will be pleased to help you.

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