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Unsolicited calls – Unwanted Pressure to Sell a Property Locally

I have been made aware that an elderly neighbour, who lives alone, received an unsolicited telephone call from a lady purporting to be from a well know local estate agent in Ruislip Manor.

 The caller tried to suggest that it was in my elderly neighbours best interests to sell her house. My neighbour stated that she had no intention of selling her house and the caller apparently did not take no for an answer and said that she would call back in a month and pop around to have a cup of tea and discuss the matter further.

 My neighbour was understandably upset by this episode and I have asked her to call 999 should the lady caller turn up at her home.

 I have reassured my neighbour that she did the right thing by refusing to be drawn into this situation. I have informed the estate agent that it appears that someone has used their name and have made the Police Safer neighbourhood team aware of this incident.

 Perhaps members of SRRA could make their neighbours aware of this please, just in case this is not a one off incident.


 Steve Graham,  Committee Member SRRA