Michael Sobell Hospice

The board of trustees of the charity that runs Michael Sobell Hospice in Northwood, is looking to cease inpatient services in the future.  The reasons for this is that they feel the building is no longer appropriate for this service.  It was built to last 20 years, 40 years ago.  The will continue to offer outpatient and care in the community.

Inpatient care in future is slated to be provided at Mount Vernon on two main wards on an interim basis.

Terry Dean has launched a campaign with a few days to run campaiging for East & North Herts NHS Trust to provide a new dedicated site for Hospice services run by the Michael Sobell Hospice.

Many of our lives of residents in South Ruislip have been touched by Michael Sobell Hospice and their services and it’s good to see Terry’s pragmatic approach.

For more information on Michael Sobell Hospice please check out their website and press statements on the reasons for the change.

Terry’s petition can be accessed here.  Only a few days left to sign.