HS2 : Near the track, can you claim for ground settlement?

We were speaking to Lottie Jones from who has campaigned on the issue of HS2 for some time.  And Lottie made an interesting point that we wanted to share with you…

There are properties in South Ruislip that are eligible for settlement deeds. ( it’s taken 6 years of fighting to make sure residents above tunnels benefit from this deed agreement with HS2Ltd)
However of 273 properties in Ruislip only 36 have responded and the window for applying is closing soon.
We don’t believe that everyone who is eligible has been contacted and we want to ensure everyone has an opportunity to obtain deeds.
HS2Lt’s information and how to apply
Maps of properties that are eligible
The HS2 help desk is the first port of call
Unfortunately, we have residents who have been given the wrong information or haven’t had their enquiries followed up so if anyone needs any help or advice please ask them to contact us either through me on this email or our resident support group Facebook Page.
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Lottie Jones