Quarterly Meeting 24th April 2019 Minutes

Quarterly Meeting Held at St Marys Church Hall, South Ruislip Wednesday 24th April 2019  Annual General Meeting

Present: 11 committee members, 5 local Cllrs (Barnes, Lavery, Makwana, Tuckwell and Kauffman) and 69 residents

Apologies: Jenny Hunt, Cllr Hurhangee. {Post meeting just wanted to add that apologies were received from PC Solanki for not being able to make it… the team had been put onto 12 hour shifts and had been tasked to deal with a traveller eviction at the time of the meeting at short notice.}

1. Meeting opened at 20:00

Sid noted that this was the 80th Anniversary of the SRRA today – which started in 1939.

Opening AGM today.

Minutes of the last meeting – no issues raised.

2. Election of officers

 The following officers were duly proposed and seconded and votes were held in favour of the following officers.

Secretary – Jeremy Wasden

Treasurer – Colin Hook

Chief Road Steward – Geoff Taylor

Vice Chair – Sid Jackson

3. Beautiful South Ruislip

This endeavour has been rolling on for a few years and with the SIL funds from ARLA the area has been improved.  But keen to continue to improve and make the area a little greener.

So Cllr Kauffman, Sid Jackson, Lynne and representatives from the SR Chamber of Commerce have looked at the options with advice from Hillingdon officers.

Installing baskets to sit on barriers and railings the only option was at SR station and this was felt to reduce visibility and potentially be hazardous.

Hanging baskets – The lampposts in the area without existing signage is too much spread for these to make an impact

Three tier planter.  Could work – looking at 7 in total. Going to sponsor the first year – from Lagan who are the builders of the RAF Northolt runway.  This will be a three year project so after the first year this will be supported with Ward Budget and funds from the SRRA.  Cost to the Resident Association after contribution from Lagan and Ward Budget will be £1200 to cover three years.  Put to a vote and a significant number for and no against.  So the motion to pay towards the planters was approved.

4. RAF Northolt


Runway work to improve and upgrade the runway at RAF Northolt has started, the purpose is to continue operations at RAF Northolt for the next 15 years.

Sarah Lo and Will from Lagan spoke on the impact of the work. Project scope – full resurface. Same position and to remove ponding and cracks.  Update the arrester beds. Also upgrading to LED lights, cabling and drainage.

As of 15th of April construction work is ongoing until the 15th of October.  The peak of the work will be May to August.  Impact will be to traffic.  They are trying to reuse the material rather than sending material off-site – this will be 1500 movements. 8000m³ of soil that is going to be reused.

Stone, cement and bitumen will need to come in – circa 65 movements per day – will try to do these between 9.30am and 3pm outside peak hours and will use the White Gate and the A40 to M25.

Dust and noise – dust mitigation on-site – use water suppression.  Lorries covered and vehicle washing. No heavy demolition – using noise monitoring.  Currently undergoing the noisiest phase.

Asphalt plant – located centrally and the vapour will be water.  They will monitor air quality.

Work is Monday to Friday – 7am to 6pm.

Air Space Change Proposal

Large countrywide consultation process for all airports started earlier in our area by Heathrow.   Looking to modernise as designed route in 50’s and 60’s.  Looking to move to a GPS system from a map based system.

Air Traffic control officer.  Air space modernisation strategy – how it is modified to allow for greater capacity.  CAP 16/60 process to conduct the design process.  Will be carried out in conjunction with the other airports and this will be affected by the air changes.

Working on generic principles initially and finally noise related issues. Trying to get the design principles right.  An example of a principle.  Should it be one or two or four or more routes. Should the flights affect more or affect less people more.

Putting in the change and want the feedback so can take note of local residents feedback on movements.  To come back by 12th of May.

[Please see separate website post with more detail]

Questions raised

Dudley Drive – Jet Engine running for some hours – why so?  Needed for testing on changes or replacement of engines.

Can the planes land more steeply as come in very low?  Do need to land but if you have feedback please contribute in the design process

Planes, do they dump fuel as they land?  No – effect seen is caused by vortices as water comes off the plane.

SL Tenniswood asked for responses to the consultation from local residents.  SRRA to publicise.

5. Reports from Treasurer

Current account £934 and Reserve £13,385.  Outstanding £195 newsletters, Public liability insurance £159 and committee expense £8.50.

As the AGM the annual accounts were discussed and presented by Colin Hook.

6. Chief Road Steward

Happy to report a full complement of Road Stewards


Trolley abandonment issue raised – ARLA developer to speak to ASDA

8. Civic Centre Hillingdon Traffic Meeting – Victoria Road

Going to measure traffic again.

Not willing to remove verges, remove trees.  Free drop kerbs?  Response was residents still park on the road. Disappointed.  Not going to do anything.

Cllr Kauffman – understand the cost issues – but it will amount to hundreds of thousands.

If took out 40 trees would that be something we wanted.  Want to look at limited residents parking – on Victoria Road between Brian Tree and ASDA.

Will Find out how many commuters park there.

9. Long Drive

Speed tables rejected on Long Drive as 85% comply with law – residents disappointed.  94% of residents in favour.

10. Tea Break

11. Constitution Updated

Updated constitution which the SRRA Executive Committee would like to formally adopt as distributed. Overwhelming support for the new document as previously publicised.

12. Allotments

Jeff advised that some plots available at Field End Road. So if interested contact the allotment man Bob Weeks.  Contact info in the YouTube video Jeremy has made about the Field End road allotments, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM3iv36rq00

13. Councillors Corner

Allan Kauffman – The Boxing club opens on 4 June and two football pitches will follow at a cost of £250K

Fencing by Bonnell’s AK has spoken to a member of staff who will have a wall built this year.

Bridge at South Ruislip  Council has half of the money and are Chasing TFL for their half.

Daffodil bulb planting will be extended along the Victoria Road in 2020. Rachel Felstead was the resident responsible for the idea.

ARLA problems with ASB – groups of children causing or problems.

Young person club not being used fully at present – Allan felt this was due to changing demands from younger people

Lidl 278 agreement and council want to look at sew.e.res/ culvert etc before the road is changed.

Teji Barnes – Street surgery coming up.

Ward budget available for scouts etc.

Have been undertaking speed checks on Field End Road with the police

Edward Lavery – Have been working on the Eastcote area improvements and planting to start.

Road now fully completed and better journeys should ensue.

Lynne Kauffman added Eastcote car park is full of litter and suggest they cover the area on a litter pick scheme or encourage this to be done.  Eddie agreed to follow this up

14. Any Other Business

Colin grateful thanks to John Davey for auditing the books and thanks to Jeremy for assistance and to Allan K for the printing of the accounts

Lynne and Colin when to a borough Police meeting on knife crime and youth engagement. Well attended by people south of the borough and we need more support from people in the North of the borough.

Many issues affecting the south of the borough are similar to those in the north.  Criticism of Police dial 101 and increases in residential burglary.  Aggravated burglary is now taking place in the north of the borough. So people from the north of the borough are needed to attend.

A major message was the need for youth engagement was clear.

Colin, Lynne is arranging a litter picking session once a month and more people can go on the third Saturday of every month.

Cllr Steve Tuckwell – raised a new initiative from youngsters aged 16 to 18  who would like to join the litter picking group but struggled to attend on a Saturday.

Some young people have expressed the need for a nice environment.

Francis – litter picking needed on Field End field playing fields and could young people be involved

Flower festival at St Marys Church 4th May 7.30pm.  Welcome to attend

Colin Hook asked what is happening to the land by the pizza place in Great Central Avenue,  Allan K to look into this.

Camera going in at right hand turn on Victoria road by Aldi into West Mead.

15. Meeting ended at 09:50 pm

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  1. What about the graffiti left on our pavements by ohara brothers, after road resurfacing, it’s an eyesore, they resurfaced pavements to make them look good, then spray painted numbers on them to resurface the roads.
    I contacted them about eight weeks ago and they said they’d look into it, but nothing has happened.

    1. Thanks for the comment Janice. Makes sense to follow up with them or Hillingdon as the people who appointed them. If O’Hara can’t help I am sure local councillors would deal with it.

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