Residents Parking Hearing: Victoria Road

Linda Clarke, one of the SRRA committee members is one of the prime movers behind a petition to add residents parking in restricted times on Victoria Road between West Mead and Braintree Road.

Google Street View of Victoria Road South Ruislip
Google Street View of Victoria Road South Ruislip

“With the commuter parking and with the heavy lorries (off the building works of the ARLA and Focus sites) and buses trying to pass each chaos ensues.  A petition was signed by nearly all of the householders in our short bit of Victoria Road.  We had over 30 signed and the council have accepted it.

“On Wednesday 17th February at 7pm in committee room 3 at the Civic Centre we will I hope hear good news that Councillor Burrows will ask for a investigation into to our petition and some sort of easing of the traffic.”

If you have an interest in the petition please pop along and contribute at the meeting.

HS2 Event – Ickenham Village Hall – March 8th

From Lottie Jones, organiser of Hillingdon Against HS2.  Lottie’s email came with an HS2 leaflet which discusses the event….

CS445 Engagement Event Invite_ICKENHAM (1)


You may be aware that HS2Ltd are putting on an event for Hillingdon at Ickenham Village Hall on 8th March.
HAHS2 will have a stand outside the hall and we’re hoping the event will attract as much attention as possible.
Please can you share the information with any of your members – this event will be the only one in Hillingdon and should be an opportunity to catch up on all the changes since petitioning.
We’re also looking for volunteers to come and help out on our stands throughout the day.
It would be good to see you there.
Best Wishes

Warning of Flight Safety Checks for tonight and tomorrow over RAF Northolt

Warning of Flight Safety Checks for tonight and tomorrow over RAF Northolt – low level late night repeated passes over the runway….
Dear Everyone,
I have just received notification that RAF Northolt will have one of its periodic checks of its flight safety radar systems and I wanted to distribute the information to you:
9 Feb 2300 to 0300hrs (Tonight).
10 Feb 2300 to 0300hrs (Tomorrow).
Only one aircraft will be operating from RAF Northolt throughout the flight check, making repeated approaches to the runway during these times.
The purpose of the check is to calibrate and assure essential flight safety equipment. As always, the calibration flights will be subject to acceptable weather conditions and may be rescheduled if the weather is not suitable. RAF Northolt apologises for any disruption caused to local residents and appreciates the continued support and understanding within the local community in support of the Station.
Kind Regards
Sqn Ldr J E TENNISWOOD | Media & Communications Officer | RAF Northolt | West End Road | RUISLIP | HA4 6NG

Royal Mail Customs Scam: Don’t Open Attachments you don’t trust!

Alerted to this one by the Cavendish Ward…

Dear Ward Member,
Fraudsters are sending out virus infected emails that claim a package has been seized by HM Revenue & Customs upon arrival into the United Kingdom. The official looking scam emails claiming to be from Royal Mail contain a link to a document which will install malicious software on your computer designed to steal credentials like account names, email addresses and passwords.An example email reads:

Title: Your parcel has been seized
Royal Mail is sorry to inform you that a package addressed to you was seized by HM Revenue & Customs upon arrival into the United Kingdom.
A close inspection deemed your items as counterfeit and the manufacturers have been notified. If your items are declared genuine then they will be returned back to you with the appropriate custom charges.
You may have been a victim of counterfeit merchandise and the RM Group UK will notify you on how to get your money back. Please review the attached PDF document for more information.
Document (RM7002137GB).Zip
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.To help the spread of the virus, the email also says: “you will need to have access to a computer to download and open the Zip file”. If you receive one of these emails, do not click on any links or download any attachments and report it to Action Fraud.

Protect Yourself

·         Royal Mail will never send an email asking for credit card numbers or other personal or confidential information.
·         Royal Mail will never ask customers to enter information on a page that isn’t part of the Royal Mail website.
·         Royal Mail will never include attachments unless the email was solicited by a customer e.g. customer has contacted Royal Mail with an enquiry or has signed up for updates from Royal Mail.
·         Royal Mail have also stressed that they do not receive a person’s email address as part of any home shopping experience.
If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it online: or by telephone: 0300 123 2040
PS 45 Jonathan Shard
Cavendish Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel – 020 8721 2550
If you do not wish to receive further communications from your Local Policing Team please inform us by replying to this email
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Consider our environment – please do not print this email unless absolutely necessary.
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North Hillingdon Safer Neighbourhoods Policing: FEBRUARY update

From Inspector Rob Bryan…
Inspector Rob Bryan
Inspector Rob Bryan
Dear Readers,
This month I would like to cover some staff changes and also ask for your feedback on a number of questions
Changes to Safer Neighbourhood Policing in Hillingdon
Don’t panic! It is not a major upheaval, just some changes to supervision ratios.
In April, we will be changing from 4 clusters to 3. Right now, I cover the 9 wards north of the A40 and under the changes this remains unchanged. The changes occur elsewhere. South cluster, which currently has 4 wards is being split and 2 wards each are being added to East and West clusters. At local level, this means no visible changes as those team will continue to work out of polar Park. The immediate change is obviously 1 less inspector. In this case, Insp George will move from the deleted South cluster and take on the West cluster which is currently covered by an acting inspector. In simple terms for us up north, no change.
I do however have two sergeants who are moving on to tell you about. Sgt Jonno Shard (Manor and Cavendish wards) is being promoted on 7 March and moving to Hounslow. I have a new PC moving to his team called Tristan Brown. He has passed his sergeants exams and in the short term he will cover that post. My May, I hope to have a substantive sergeant filling that post again. Also, Sgt Chris Kerr (South Ruislip) is transferring to the Borough Tasking Unit on 4 April. The good news is that he will be replaced by Sgt Karl Spour on the same day. Karl is currently the acting inspector on the West cluster and is a very experienced officer.
I am now on StreetLife if you use that online platform at all. I can be found in the Ruislip area called “Hillingdon North Safer Neighbourhood Police”
Feedback please
We are always looking to improve or better understand our communications. One question we often wonder is “Are our comms read?” So I would like to perform a simple test – if you have received this e-mail, and read this far, could you please press Reply and Send so I can collate responses. If you want to offer feedback please do, but otherwise a blank reply will suffice. Thanks
On another note, our Confidence surveys have shown that residents in Hillingdon are more fearful of a terrorist attack than before. I am looking for some feedback as to why that might be the case. If you have any thoughts or opinions on this specific area, please drop me a line – all suggestions are welcome.
All the best,
Inspector Rob Bryan
Hillingdon North Safer Neighbourhoods
Hillingdon Borough
Phone 020 8246 1816 | Mobile 07500097182 | E-mail | Twitter @MPSHillingNorth
Address Ruislip Police Station, The Oaks, HA4 7LE
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