How Do I Join the SRRA?

To join you need to be a resident of South Ruislip.

Membership costs £3 per year and £2 per year for a household which has retired.

To join simply come along to one of the quarterly meetings, make yourself know and we would be happy to help or simply email the secretary at and our chief road steward will be in touch or one of our road stewards.  Please let us know your address and family surname(s).

For this small sum you are:

  1. Welcome to join us at quarterly meetings
  2. Will receive our quarterly newsletters
  3. Can raise issues for investigation, discussion and assistance with the SRRA

The SRRA is staffed entirely by volunteers.

The objectives of the SRRA are:

a) To protect the rights and interests of all residents in the area.

b) To ensure that local public services, educational, social and sporting facilities are reasonably available and maintained.

c) To inform on proposed changes affecting the area and particularly the environment.

d) To encourage the spirit of citizenship.

The objectives of the SRRA shall be undertaken while avoiding political, denominational and sectarian bias.

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  1. Are you aware that glebe farm Ruislip is up for sale. Would it not be a time now to buy it and try and improve the eye sore of a site for the people of Ruislip. I believe from the people renting the land that a buyer may already have been found

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