Minutes of the South Ruislip Residents Association

Quarterly Meeting Held at St Mary’s Church On Wednesday January 27th 2016

In attendance were 65 residents and 11 committee members.  Councillors present Judy Kelly, Michael White and Allan Kauffman.

Apologies were received from: Cllrs Jem Duducu, Teji Barnes, Eddie Lavery.  Colin Hook, Hazel Hook,Geoff Quantock, Frances Jones and Iris Ellis

SRRA Queuing for Tea at the break
SRRA Queuing for Tea at the break

1.0          Opening Remarks & Welcome & Matters Arising from the Minutes & Signed Minutes.

2.0               Henry Neal – Representative of Lidl

Henry Neal (centre) talking to South Ruislip Residents
Henry Neal (centre) talking to South Ruislip Residents

Henry Neal (centre) talking to South Ruislip Residents

Henry gave thanks to the community for support for the application for the Lidl site on Victoria Road, on the site of the Rover building.  Given it took a long a time to get, during the time Lidl bought an additional piece of land which they will use to expand the store.  An extra 400 metres square of retail space and it will give a different entrance for the delivery to the back of the store.

In response to questions:

What will happen to the Benson Beds and the Comet site?

Comet will be built on.  Benson’s to remain.  Expecting a decision next month on whether the expanded development will be approved. 

When will people be able to shop there?

Start on site next month with demolition. Looking to open the shop by this Christmas.

Expecting any planning issues this time?

The two main issues last time were both highways issues.  Firstly the number of car parking spaces and secondly delivery vehicles having to reverse passed the entrance.  Feel that they can open the site and add more spaces and move delivery vehicles to the rear of the site makes for a strong case.  But nothing settled until planning permission granted.

How will vehicles be leaving?

Delivery lorries via Stonefield Way.  People parking at Lidl go onto Victoria Road via Stonefield quick exit.  Stonefield Way will allow cars both direction to accommodate ease of exit for vehicles.

What happens if planning refused?

Committed to this development rather than the original so if face issues with the council will push ahead with it.   

How will the Stonefield Way entrance work?

There will be a barrier there, a raised table to give equal rights to pedestrians.  Undulating to keep cars to one side (like Vine Lane, Uxbridge?).

What happens to Benson’s for Beds?

They will be a tenant of Lidl, will suffer some short term inconvenience but longer term hoped they will generate more custom from increased footfall. 

Worried about competition from four supermarkets in the area as will be?


For more information go to http://lidlsouthruislip.co.uk/

3.0        Police Rob Bryan Inspector for North of the Borough

Inspector Rob Bryan
Inspector Rob Bryan

Keen to work with community members to help catch speeders in the area.  Running joint speed traps.  If you are interested email CommunityRoadwatch@tfl.gov.uk or see the community Roadwatch scheme online at www.met.police.uk/teams/transportnw/hillingdon for details.

Recent tests under ‘Operation Willow’ picked up 6 speeding vehicles, 1 vehicle seized and 1 arrest made.

Some changes of personnel on the ward however officers are increasing from 24 to 29 in the North of the Borough.

Police pleased with the joint initiative with RAF Police, with plain clothes work and anti-burglary.

Also worked on initiatives such as stay safe online at the GAA, Bourne Primary Crocodile Walk and Immigration checks on workers at Bradfield Road.

Question: Any burglaries locally?  One reported by residents at Braintree Road

Burglaries down 50% on last year, but very high last year.  Thieves targeting flat roof access, so secure ladders.  They have kicked in older UPVC doors at the rear,

Older residents.  If you see anything suspicious can call 101.  Three neighbours saw suspicious people but did not call it in and an aggravated burglary took place.  Burglary happened between 10 to 4pm.  Reports of people in yellow jackets looking like ‘workers’.

Free burglar alarms for over 65’s.  There is a waiting list.  Very simple and effective.

4.0        Chief Road Steward

Geoff being ably assisted.
SRRA Chief Road Steward Geoff being ably assisted.

CRS Geoff Taylor has taken over and stated that the SRRA is short of Road Stewards for the following areas:

East Mead, The Fairway, Princes Way, Diamond Road, Jubilee Drive, Palace Road, Royal Crescent, Wingfield Way, Primrose Gardens, West End Road, Bridgewater Road, Exmouth Road, Field Road, Queens Walk and Victoria Road.

If you live near there and are able to help it would be much appreciated.

Geoff requested list of members where we don’t have them.  Road Stewards please complete the census that Colin sent out.  Were we had one of the RS’s on holiday, we didn’t have a list of members.  So one road didn’t get newsletters.  Names and Addresses would be great for members and ideally how much subs normally paid £1 or £2.

The idea of ID tags for Road Stewards and Committee members at the Quarterly meeting discussed.  Broadly welcomed.

Tea break

SRRA Thank you for the Tea - your reward us having your picture taken!
SRRA Thank you for the Tea – your reward is having your picture taken!

5.0          Colin Russell – Head of Waste Services London Borough of Hillingdon

Cllr Michael White talking to Colin Russell
Cllr Michael White talking to Colin Russell

How big is waste in Hillingdon?

We have a weekly service – which is good.  There is commitment for weekly to continue and no wheelie bins.

No intention for charging.  However the council only has your money to spend.

What are the costs and how much is collected?  Black bag of rubbish.  Costs £10.2 million pounds a year to dump and £6m to collect.  47,000 tons in Hillingdon which is one of the highest volumes of waste in London but best in London for recycling.  22,000 tons of recycling.  Volume has increased but weight has not gone up.  Colin attributed that to manufacturers cutting resource costs.

Reasons for rejection of rubbish.  Unsafe food waste in the recycling.  Clean it a little – rinse through with food waste should be enough.

They renegotiate the contracts regularly to get best price but Grundons at Colnbrook takes much waste.

Broadly if in doubt about what to put in recycling put it in.  What causes most concern to Colin? Carrier bags – at the moment they are shipped to China for repurposing but currently being stockpiles.  Prices change for the value of waste.

Black bags cost £126 a ton to get rid of.  Recycling clear bags used to get £4.34 per ton.  Now pay £43 a ton to get rid of.

Food and garden waste 14,000 tons.  Limit 6 bags per property.  Cost £54 per ton.  Food with it gets a better recycled product with the end waste which is why it can be taken.

Financially better to recycle.

Garden Bags. They fly away.  Try to get them back to the right place but on a windy day it can’t be guaranteed.  Looking at possibly a higher weight of base to the bag to reduce this but can’t make them too heavy for the men who collect.

Add your house number and road to reduce change of garden bag going missing.

Nagging issues.  Mattresses.  Hillingdon has more mattresses than other boroughs.  30-40 a days.  Hayes and West Drayton mostly.  Good news is they get recycled.  Washed and used to stuff toys etc.

Picking up rubbish.  Dog waste is expensive.  2 tonnes every week.  Expensive as incinerated.

Fly tipping is an issue.  They tend to try and clear rather than argue about where the problem is but have to push back on private land.

Glass gets recycled.  Waitrose get a better price as split by colour but this would increase collection costs too much to split it.  They will take broken glass.

Bread and vegetable tends to make up the majority of food waste.  Should it be made compulsory?  Colin felt not.  Of the approx.34% who took the food waste kit, 75% still use it.

Any chance of South Ruislip waste centre opening again to the public?  Colin felt it extremely unlikely.  Costs rose from £250k to £415k to £469k to £715k over a relatively short few years making it one of the most expensive sites in London.  It was uneconomic to sustain.

Sid Jackson, Vice Chair SRRA
Sid Jackson, Vice Chair SRRA

6.0             HS2

HS2 still petitions being raised.  Internal audit for HS1 showed a recovery rate of 53% of funds used.  Making it uneconomic, however Sid said, there is a refusal to publish the details until Hybrid Bill goes through council.

7.0             ARLA Site

Work ongoing.  Where there is mud on the road and Sid has complained there has been a sweeper out in a few minutes.  Starting the work on the roads mid-March.  Will take until November to complete the roads.

Bellway Homes application to increase the build by 31 homes.  Corporate greed.  Amended petition to add more parking spaces.

8.0        SKPLC Site

As raised by Cllr Judy Kelly and Sid, please sign the petition for Harvey Road to support further council efforts to curtail invasive and anti-social disturbance by the SKPLC centre and it’s users which badly affects residents of Harvey Road.

9.0        SRYPC South Ruislip Young Person Centre

Cllr Allan Kauffman: The centre has run down.  He has spoken to the new director.  Lack of investment in the centre, however the borough has just employed 30 new youth workers across the borough.  Work orders have been given to repair the front wall and funds available to improve the furniture.  The Cllrs were perturbed to not sound recording equipment available for the centre purchases for £9k still sitting being unused.

They expect changes with the staff and work going into the centre and a full set of programmes to be given.  Up from the two nights a week the centre is currently being used by the youngsters

10.0      Car Dealer in Princes Road

Enforcement order given to Corsa cars to remove vehicles.  Will free about 30 spaces up.

11.0      Land Between Library and the Youth Centre

Likely to be tied up soon.  30 flats to be built – or that is what planning permission has been granted for the site.  Likely to be sold to a developer.

12.0      Parked Cars Field End Road

Just agreed double yellow lines.

13.0      Building Opposite Station: 18 Flat development

Cllr Allan Kauffman stated this site was going to be used to house homeless families to save the borough bed and breakfast costs.   Will be Hillingdon people rather than other authorities people.  Allan was unsure if going to be staff on site – said he would confirm.  Concern expressed but housing a transient population locally and the effects on the area and about the impact on parking in the area.

14.0      Double Yellow on Victoria Road.

Concern express that it’s ‘Becoming a car park’.  Suggestion for parking one side only.  Felt was a difficult issue but parking near the ARLA site is being looked at.

15.0      Clear the drains. 

Concern expressed about surface water on Victoria Road.  The borough do have gulley sweepers running routinely in the area.

Meeting closed 10:03 

RAF: Flight Safety: Lasers, Cranes, Drones, Chinese Lanterns and Fireworks

The RAF Meetings with local representatives which includes local councillors, LBH and Residents Associations a couple of times a year.

At the last meeting they went over issues which they felt caused safety issues for the planes/airport and were keen that these were passed on:

Flight Safety.

Flight Sergeant Mark Rich gave a presentation on flight safety and asked that points following points could be passed on as Residents’ Group meetings. Common flight safety issues are:

a. Directed Light – Lasers. Aircraft are often targeted by individuals shining lasers into aircraft on approach or take off. This can cause pilot blindness and is a criminal offence. We report all occurrences to the Police

b. Fireworks. Any large firework display within 3 nautical miles of an airfield must be reported to the airfield.

c. Balloons and ‘Chinese’ Lanterns. These are often found around the airfield. Both can be sucked into air intakes which can cause serious damage. Regulations state that releases of groups of 10+ lanterns or 1000+ balloons before use must be notified to the airfield.

d. UAVs/Drones. These are a growing issue around all airfields and pose a significant flight safety risk. Drones can be easily strike aircraft or damage engines and result in very serious damage. The flying of Drones is governed by CAA regulations which are on the CAA website. Failure to comply with these regulations can be a criminal offence and the operator of the drone has responsibility for their use.

e. Cranes. Any cranes which are required for building work must be reported at the planning stage so RAF Northolt’s ops team can dialogue with the construction teams.


The latest newsletter written by Ruislip Against HS2…

Dear Supporters,

You may have noticed that it’s been some time since our last update. We apologise for the long gap between newsletters. 2015 proved to be a difficult and busy time for HAHS2, not least
because of all the HS2 developments but our (very small) committee needed some personal time for health issues along with family and work commitments.
Much of last year was taken up with the preparation and presentation of petitions before the HS2 Select Committee and bringing the new MP for South Ruislip and Uxbridge Boris Johnson, up to speed.
There have been many announcements and developments and we hope that you have been keeping up to date with progress via our Website and our Facebook Page where we post
regular news items and notices.
Hillingdon was represented in Parliament by many individuals from across Ruislip,Harefield and Ickenham as well as action groups,resident associations,local councillors and Hillingdon Council itself.
We’d like to thank everyone who was involved. Many hours of often stressful and hard work went into the presentations which made for an incredible contribution from Hillingdon.
Unfortunately our major objective of achieving an extended tunnel from West Ruislip through the Colne Valley was not successful which is incredibly frustrating.
You can read the Committee’s decision HERE
However many of the petitions concentrated on smaller issues and many of these were recognised by The Committee and were given more consideration. Agreements known as assurances and undertakings were
given on a range of issues including construction traffic numbers and routes, timing of utility works and effects on individuals’ homes.
H.O.A.C was a big priority in the Hillingdon petitions and whilst there has been no agreement to save it in it’s current form, there are plans to relocate the facility.This is really disappointing and not the outcome
we or H.O.A.C hoped for.We aim to have updates soon on any progress made.
There were only small concessions made to the mitigation measures we were seeking but we have at least secured the opportunity to continue to have an input into how HS2 is planned – should it ever go ahead.
You can watch a session of the main community petition for Ruislip  HERE from 11.10a.m
You can watch a session of the main community petition from Harefield Tenants and Residents Association  HERE  from 15.14p.m
You can watch a session from the main community petition from Ickenham Residents Association HERE from 9.29 a.m
You can watch a  session of some of the Hillingdon Councillors making the case on behalf of residents from across the borough HERE from 15.13p.m
(Please be aware some of these links may take some time to load)
Tunnel Depth
A major development arose from the process. During presentations from Ruislip, HS2Ltd suddenly introduced new information concerning the depth of the proposed tunnel.
For over 3 years we had been led to believe that the tunnel would be 30metres deep under properties, but now we know it could be as little as half that in some areas.
Unfortunately this was revealed after all the Ruislip petitions had been heard.
HAHS2 made a formal complaint to the Chair of the Committee and HS2Ltd’s QC was forced to issue us with an apology.
This however remains a big issue,not least because residents have been misled about tunnel depth and HS2Ltd have yet to give a satisfactory explanation – despite requests and follow up meetings,
but more importantly because it makes a significant difference to the level of vibration and settlement to properties that could occur.
We are very concerned that the HS2Ltd arguments put to, and accepted by The Committee,in rejecting our arguments,were based on inaccurate tunnel depths.
You can watch the session HERE from 9.31a.m where the mistake was acknowledged. It also goes on to feature Nick Hurd MP and Boris Johnson MP and their evidence in the final summing up of all Hillingdon’s petitions.
You can see the guide to settlement that HS2Ltd have produced in response  HERE – though this has not been sent to those affected it was simply added to their website.
Read more about the details of what happened HERE
As a result of the first round of petitioning, some amendments have been made to the HS2 Bill and these are known as ‘additional provisions’. We are now up to the 4th set of amendments ( AP4s) and these
petitions for Hillingdon are being heard next week.
You can follow the developments and watch live appearances from residents in Ickenham, Harefield and Hillingdon Council this coming week on Monday 25th January HERE
You can use the same link to keep up with all the remaining petitions from the whole route.
Our fight to extend the Ruislip Tunnel hasn’t ended. HAHS2 will continue to push for this further mitigation and our MPs Nick Hurd and Boris Johnson support our calls for more to be done to protect
our local environment and continue to put pressure on Government.
Once the House of Commons Select Committee have finished hearing all the petitions from the whole route,we have the option to progress our case to The House of Lords.
Boris Johnson
As you will be aware Boris Johnson has taken over from Sir John Randall as MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip. Whilst Boris, as Mayor of London,was already aware of the main issues affecting his constituency and those
affecting Hillingdon as a whole, HAHS2 have made it a priority to establish a good relationship with him so that we can continue to communicate regularly with him on HS2 matters. We have had several meetings with him
the most recent being on January 8th.
You can read about his visit to Ruislip HERE
See a report and photo gallery on the Get West London News site HERE
Each time we meet, we feel he gets a better understanding of all the ongoing concerns we have about HS2 but it would really help, if he’s your MP for you to contact him to keep the pressure on.
Likewise please also keep writing to Nick Hurd MP if you are a constituent in Ickenham or Harefield.  
Complaint about HS2Ltd?
If you have had any direct contact or communication with HS2Ltd that you are unhappy about, you have an opportunity to make a complaint.
Please see details HERE submissions must be made by 11th Feb 
Public Event
We have had advance notice form HS2Ltd that they will be holding an information event on 8th March in Ickenham. This will be a one off event to cover the whole of the affected areas including Ruislip and Harefield.
Please save the date and make an effort to come along if you can.
Ickenham Village Hall – Swakeleys Road, Ickenham from 2.00pm – 7.00pm
HAHS2 will be aiming to have an alternative information stand outside the event. Please see our Website and Facebook page for more details nearer the time.
What Next ?
The next major event on the calendar for 2016 is the Mayoral election in May.
HAHS2 are aiming to meet with all the candidates – as we did last time around! We shall be trying to highlight HS2 as an election issue – but we need your help!
Ways to Help
Please take some time to contact some of the Mayoral candidates and let them know how important an issue HS2 is, and we will aim to keep you updated on their positions.
Labour        Sadiq Khan             london@labour.org.uk                   @sadiqkhan
Cons           Zac Goldsmith        zac@zacgoldsmith.com                 @ZacGoldsmith
Lib Dem      Caroline Pidgeon   caroline@carolinepidgeon.org        @CarolinePidgeon
Green          Sian Berry              http://www.sianberry.london/          @sianberry
UKIP           Peter Whittle           www.peterwhittle.co.uk/contact      @prwhittle
Petition to sign
You will all be aware of how catastrophic the flooding in the north of the UK was over the Christmas period.
This latest petition deserves much more attention than it’s getting. Please add your name to it but also share it far and wide with friends,family and work colleagues across the country.
Stop HS2 and Invest in Long Term Flood Defences   https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/117184
We are very grateful for all the donations we have received in the past and much of the progress that has been made over the last few years could not have happened without your generosity.
Please do think about making a donation if you can.
If you can contribute in any small way,donations will be gratefully received either by Paypal on our website by clicking the donate button HERE
Or by sending a cheque to Hillingdon Against HS2: 8 Almond Close,Ruislip,HA46EB
You can also help raise funds really easily- FOR FREE! as you do your everyday shopping on-line
Please register HERE
Once again,many thanks for your continued support and interest.
Ruislip and Hillingdon Against HS2


North Hillingdon Safer Neighbourhoods Policing: JANUARY update

Latest update from Insp Rob Bryan:


Dear Readers,

Happy New Year and I hope you all enjoyed a safe Christmas. This month I want to share with you some of the successes across Hillingdon Borough as seen through the eyes of our Borough Commander, Nick Downing. Each week Mr Downing sends out an internal communication highlighting good work. At the end of last year he sent out details of our overall successes. Whilst this has been written for an internal audience (so includes some police jargon) he is happy for me to share it with you:

Seasons greetings to you all.

The festive season is upon us. I hope that you will all have some time with your family and friends to enjoy the holiday period. Those of you, who are working both Christmas and New Year, stay safe.

Christmas for me is a time for reflection, looking back on what we as a team have achieved.

I hope that you have all noticed by now that I rarely talk about targets, instead standing by our borough vision, ‘To make Hillingdon the safest borough in London with the most confident and satisfied communities with the best and happiest staff’. I am a believer that if you do your best in everything that you do and are happy in your work then we will be the safest borough in London.

Some headlines and stats to share with you that I hope will make you proud at what you as a team have achieved for our community.

MOPAC 7 crimes on the borough have reduced by 26.5% over the last 4 years. This is the best in the West and fourth across the whole of London, a phenomenal effort.

Over that period burglary has reduced by over 42%. The biggest reduction in London and with a 21% reduction in residential burglary this year. Outstanding

During the period of Bumblebee the borough has the biggest reductions and the highest detection rate in London. Outstanding. Clearly helped last week by the conspiracy charge against David Appleton that linked him to 24 residential burglaries.

So not only do we have some of the best reductions in crime we have the best conviction rate at crown court across the whole of London. That is testament to your outstanding investigations and commitment. Amazingly we have the 3rd highest amount of cases that go to crown court! Quite an effort from a small borough.

80% of victims are now satisfied with the service you provide. We have seen the biggest increase across London.

Our immediate response times currently stand at 88% so not only are you providing a high quality service you are responding in a safe and timely.

Your response to domestic abuse has gone from strength to strength and we now have a detection rate of over 47%, the 3rd best in London. Not only that but  with the increased support of our brilliant IDVAS and VSS our victims are getting the support they need at the time they need it.

Although violence is up we have one of the lowest increases in London at just over 9%. Enhanced licensing activity, anti-violence initiatives, good initial investigations and relentless secondary investigation has made a real difference.

We have the best CAD to CRIS compliance in London which demonstrates to everyone that we are the most ethical. Well done to you all.

We have delivered almost 5000 met trace kits across the borough, making our community safe. We have even launched our very own Christmas Song, ‘let it glow’. (See it on our twitter account)

We are one of the only boroughs to have kept the borough tasking units and what a key decision that was when the recent events in Haringey led to them being on daily deployments, duties changing at short notice and working double shifts so that we could continue policing the borough. Thank you

Thanks to you, we have more public space protection orders and criminal behaviour orders than any where else in London. An integral part of our prevention and disruption work.

Our staff survey results were recognised as being some of the best in London but we cannot be complacent as having read every comment I recognise that there is a lot more that we need to do to make you the happiest team. I need your help to make that happen and commit to keeping you informed on our progress.

Our PCSO’s have been inspiring, keeping smiles on their faces whilst facing uncertainty about their jobs. I am delighted to hear that we will be keeping them. The borough will be a better place for their continued support.

Our war on drug dealers across the borough has been very impactive. In 2 operations over 40 dealers arrested and charged. Most have pleaded guilty. Activity that very few boroughs in London attempt.

Our cadets were recognised by the Home Secretary when she presented them with the Lord Ferrers award for volunteer team of the year. An outstanding achievement by some astonishing and highly committed young people.

We have one of the highest amounts of volunteers in London, supporting us on a daily basis with providing a front counter service at Ruislip, supporting our outstanding public access officers with a triage service at Uxbridge and assisting now in the CID and counter terrorism offices.

This year we have seen the seamless transition of our management and property support teams into local delivery support services. Their commitment to maintain a high level of service has been outstanding. 

Our scenes of crimes officers have teamed up with the West area forensic converter team based at Uxbridge to deliver the best forensic detection performance across London. Another outstanding achievement associated to the borough.

I hope that when or if you read this you like me will be proud of what we as a borough have achieved. This isn’t by chance; this is only achieved by you doing your best every day. We are one team, undoubtedly the best team and a team that we should all be proud of.

Thank you one and all. I wish you a safe, happy and peaceful festive season and look forward to achieving even more next year.



Inspector Rob Bryan

Hillingdon North Safer Neighbourhoods

Hillingdon Borough

Phone 020 8246 1816 | Mobile 07500097182 | E-mail robert.bryan@met.pnn.police.uk | Twitter @MPSHillingNorth
Address Ruislip Police Station, The Oaks, HA4 7LE

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