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Next Quarterly Meeting 21st January 2014

In a change to the published date the next quarterly meeting will take place on 21st January 2014,  Normal St Mary’s, Long Drive venue at 8pm.

Whenever the SRRA doesn’t meet the Fourways Womens Club meets at the Hall and they thought we were meeting on the 21st rather than the 28th as originally planned.  As Fourways had booked speakers we were happy to move our date.

Fourways are a longstanding club who celebrated 50 years in operation earlier this year.  More details in this Gazette article.

Back to the SRRA.  If you have any items to submit for consideration at the meeting please send to Honorary Secretary Jeremy Wasden or via the email address at this site.   Best to do this two months in advance for the agenda in the newsletter, but otherwise send us an email at our contact email address.

St Mary's, Long Drive
St Mary’s, Long Drive