HS2 Update on works at the South Ruislip ventilation shaft site (Rear of ASDA/Cineworld Complex)

From HS2:

HS2 Works Notification: Update notice of construction at South Ruislip ventilation shaft site and Vegetation clearance at South Ruislip

We’re writing to update you about some planned works that we will be carrying out in your area. Construction at South Ruislip ventilation shaft site

We wrote to you in June to inform you that construction to build the ventilation shaft would commence. This work continues as we construct the diaphragm wall for the shaft and excavate to 35 metres below ground level.

• From 3 December 2021 to 4 June 2022, we will be excavating and concreting Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day and Saturdays 8am to 8pm.

For further information please see our update works notification.

Vegetation clearance at South Ruislip vent shaft site In preparation for installation of a water pipe at Yeading Brook, de-vegetation will be required to clear the railway embankment. We will be working overnight every Sunday from 11December 2021 to 29 January 2022. We will be clearing vegetation outside of core hours from 12am (midnight) to 7am.

We will not be working Sunday 26 December 2021 and Sunday 2 January 2022.

For further information please see our works notification.

If you have a question about HS2 or our works, please contact our HS2 Helpdesk team on 08081 434 434 or email hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk.

Yours sincerely,

HS2 Community Engagement team

HS2 South Ruislip Utility Works

Latest from HS2  on road works in the South Ruislip area.


Old Dairy Site

27th September – 15th December

Phase 1 Road narrows – Lane Closure

Phase 2 4-way lights with a loading bay suspension.

Phase 3 4-way lights with a loading bay suspension.

Phase 4 4-way lights

Phase 5 Road narrows parking bay suspension.

Engagements with local businesses has been confirmed

West End Road

29th November – 10th December

2-way traffic lights + pedestrian crossing (29/11 to 3/12)

4-Way traffic lights + pedestrian crossing (6/12 to 10/12)

Scope CCTV surveys

Station Approach / Long Drive

10 Jan – 22nd Jan 2022

TM operation 24 hours.

Traffic management2 way signals with footway closures assisted by 2 signalised crossing points.

Great Central Avenue closed in one direction throughout the duration of the works with suitable diversions provided.


Hillingdon Hospital Rebuild

Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have published an outline for the rebuild of Hillingdon Hospital on the existing site at Pield Heath Road.

The scheme can be found here.  According to the site the plan will be to offer a continuity of services at Hillingdon whilst the building work goes on.

We are pleased to see the long-overdue investment in Hillingdon Hospital.

The trust expects to submit planning permission requests in Autumn 2021 with a response expected in Spring 2022 so this finished project will be some years off.





July Quarterly Meeting Postponed Until October

With the government set to delay the easing of all social restrictions for a further four weeks we have decided as a committee to delay the SRRA quarterly meeting until October.

This means the cancellation of the meeting on 28th July 2021. The next scheduled meeting of the SRRA is 27th October 2021.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you then.

Stay safe!

Elevenses -an online conversation group at South Ruislip and Ruislip Manor Libraries

 Jane at South Ruislip Library wrote to let us know about a new group at the library….

We have been running for 4 weeks now and have a regular group of 3/4 people attending  with a new member joining us this morning.   We would love to have more people attend.

It’s called Elevenses and it is an hour of conversation, often with a guest speaker.  So far we have had someone from the Covid Lateral Flow testing  centre explain about how that works, we have discussed poetry, the new library refurbishment at South Ruislip, book covers and blurbs and also had a tour of some highlights of the National Gallery.  The members enjoyed the latter so much that the blue badge guide is going to come back soon to show us some more.

This week we have a session on wellbeing – coping with stress, meditation etc.  We ask members if they have any subjects they would like to cover and we are reaching out to different guest speakers so we can cover a variety of topics.

When the library is allowed to have groups in we hope to carry on with these sessions in reality, not just online.

If anyone wants to join they just need to email us and we will send them to a link.

The website of the South Ruilsip Residents Association