Public Quarterly Meetings – Future Meeting Dates and Previous Minutes

St Mary's Church

St Mary’s Church

Our meetings take place every quarter on the dates below at St Mary’s Hall, The Fairway, South Ruislip HA4 0RY at 8pm.  They are scheduled to run between 8pm and 10pm and we normally break for around fifteen minutes for a cup of tea around 9pm.

Meetings Scheduled 2022

Wednesday 26th January– Cancelled due to omicron. Hope to be back with you soon. Newsletter to follow.

Wednesday 27th April (AGM)

Wednesday 27th July

Wednesday 26th October

Meetings Scheduled 2023

Wednesday 25th January

Wednesday 26th April (AGM)

Wednesday 26th July

Wednesday 25th October

Meetings Scheduled 2024

Wednesday 24th January

Wednesday 24th April (AGM)

Wednesday 24th July

Wednesday 23rd October

Meetings Scheduled 2025

Wednesday 22nd January

Wednesday 23rd April (AGM)

Wednesday 23rd July

Wednesday 22nd October

Members wishing to raise item under AOB at the AGM or ordinary

Quarterly meetings must submit them in writing and are requested to do so 14 days before the meeting. This requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Chairman.

If you have items to submit to the meeting please contact the secretary (best via the email address

Past Meeting Minutes

Meetings Scheduled 2015

Wednesday 21st January  Minutes here

Wednesday 22nd April (AGM)  Minutes here

Wednesday 22nd July  Minutes here

Wednesday 28th October Minutes here

Meetings Scheduled 2016

Wednesday 27th January Minutes here

Wednesday 27th April (AGM) Minutes here

Wednesday 27th July Minutes here

Wednesday 26th October Minutes here

Meetings Scheduled 2017

Wednesday 25th January Minutes here

Wednesday 26th April (AGM) Minutes here

Wednesday 26th July Minutes here

Wednesday 25th October Minutes here

Meetings Scheduled 2018

Wednesday 24th January Minutes here

Wednesday 25th April (AGM) Minutes here

Wednesday 23th July Minutes here

Wednesday 24th October Minutes here

Meetings Scheduled 2019

Wednesday 23rd January Minutes here

Wednesday 24th April (AGM) Minutes here

Wednesday 24th July Minutes here

Wednesday 23rd October Minutes here

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