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Local Ward and Councillor Changes in Hillingdon and How they Impact on South Ruislip and Cavendish

With government cuts, there is a proposal to reduce the number of councillors across Hillingdon from 65 to 53.  This means there will be a balancing of wards across the borough to make for roughly 4200 citizens per councillor in Hillingdon.  Whilst some wards are unchanged some will disappear and some will go down to two councillors.

What does this mean for South Ruislip?

South Ruislip Ward Boundary Submission PDF to view

The proposal is that South Ruislip would retain three councillors and grow taking the roads currently in Cavendish ward such as Torcross, Queens Walk, Mount Pleasant, Hunters Hill.  The exception is Parkfield Crescent which would move to an adjacent Hillingdon ward.

Parkfield aside, this makes sense with the Yeading Brook being a natural barrier.

The ward will fit better with the area the SRRA covers so makes sense to us.  But having been established in 1939 we have seen our fair share of boundary changes and as these wax and wane the area we cover remains the same.

What about Cavendish Ward?

However, Cavendish ward will disappear with sections of it going to different expanded wards such as South Ruislip, the Manor and Eastcote.  On a personal note I can’t help but feel for the uncertainty that respected established  Cllrs in Cavendish such as Cllr Lavery and Barnes will face but such is politics.

What do you think of the changes?

Please have your say on the review at the following link.  There are only a few days left for this first stage of consultation but another opportunity to comment will come next year:


Boundary Commission Change – Uxbridge and Hillingdon – latest update!

The Boundary Commission have responded with changes to the constituency of Uxbridge and Hillingdon (note the change in name from Uxbridge and South Ruislip) by moving Harefield to the Ruilsip and Pinner constituency and adding more of Ruislip to the constituency.

The controversial move to include two Ealing Council Northolt Wards in the revised Uxbridge and Hillingdon constituency remains unchanged.

Maps of the proposed new Uxbridge and Hillingdon constituency can be found at the Commissions website link below.

Councillor Douglas Mills commented, :

“The Boundary Commission have accepted the argument that South Ruislip needs to be linked with Cavendish & Manor wards but the latest proposals from the Commission continues to miss the chance of bringing most of the Ruislip area under one MP. Indeed only 9,035 Ruislip residents are actually going to be in the seat with the Ruislip name. These will be those who live in West Ruislip ward and the part of Eastcote ward that covers East Ruislip.”

19,630 Ruislip residents living in Manor, Ruislip Gardens and South Ruislip including those in Cavendish ward will have no recognition of Ruislip in their proposed new constituency.  Which will be called Hillingdon & Uxbridge even though the two Ealing Northolt wards are still included!”

Do you think the boundary changes are a good idea, grounded in common sense or pragmatism?  Or are you against the proposal like Cllr Mills?

The consultation is once again open to the public until 11th December 2017.  This changes the political landscape until the next review so whatever your point of view we would suggest that you comment on the proposals.

View them and comment here: