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Hillingdon Hospital Rebuild

Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have published an outline for the rebuild of Hillingdon Hospital on the existing site at Pield Heath Road.

The scheme can be found here.  According to the site the plan will be to offer a continuity of services at Hillingdon whilst the building work goes on.

We are pleased to see the long-overdue investment in Hillingdon Hospital.

The trust expects to submit planning permission requests in Autumn 2021 with a response expected in Spring 2022 so this finished project will be some years off.





Michael Sobell Hospice

The board of trustees of the charity that runs Michael Sobell Hospice in Northwood, is looking to cease inpatient services in the future.  The reasons for this is that they feel the building is no longer appropriate for this service.  It was built to last 20 years, 40 years ago.  The will continue to offer outpatient and care in the community.

Inpatient care in future is slated to be provided at Mount Vernon on two main wards on an interim basis.

Terry Dean has launched a campaign with a few days to run campaiging for East & North Herts NHS Trust to provide a new dedicated site for Hospice services run by the Michael Sobell Hospice.

Many of our lives of residents in South Ruislip have been touched by Michael Sobell Hospice and their services and it’s good to see Terry’s pragmatic approach.

For more information on Michael Sobell Hospice please check out their website and press statements on the reasons for the change.

Terry’s petition can be accessed here.  Only a few days left to sign.



Community Voice : NHS Updates from Linda Clarke of the SRRA

In September speaker was Dr Richard Grocott-Mason he is the Medical Director Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS FT. (RB&HT).

He spoke on ‘New Threats to the Royal and Harefield Hospitals in 2016’

The aim of both hospitals is to be the leading in their field of expertise, serving its patient population (who come from every part of the country) in treating heart and lung diseases.

The Trust’s work covers every stage of life, anti-natal diagnosis, child care, adult services, chronic diseases management and end of life care. The trust has 500 beds just for heart and lung diseases. It has three (3) sites Sydney Street, Fulham Road at R.B, Chelsea and Harefield.

NHS England (NHSE) has presented 14 standards for centres of Congenital Heart Diseases (CHD) and it claims that RB&HT fails to meet some of these. It proposes to decommission RB&HT CHD services from April 2017; the Trust is now in talks with NHSE about this. There is to be a 3 month public consultation on the new proposals and a decision is to be made in March 2017, there will be no change to current services in April 2017 as previously planned. Community Voice has sent letters in support of RB&HT to NHSE.

Part Two Q&A

October our speaker was Caroline Morison Chief Operating Officer, Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group (HCCG)

A few facts about Hillingdon they are: London’s second largest borough, with a population of 304,000, it has also one of London’s highest number of over 65’s (predicted to be 42,000 by 2020), life expectancy is higher than national average but there are difference between the north and south of the borough.

HCCG long term vision is to provide a high quality of services in both physical and mental health. In December 2015 Hillingdon became involved with Harrow, Brent, Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham, Ealing & Hounslow to work together to improve health and wellbeing in ‘The Sustainability and Transformation Plan’ (STP) each borough is developing its each local plan it is hoped to sort out uneven funding. The latest STP draft can be read on the CCG’s website at

Novembers speakers were Dr Peter Ostler, Consultant Clinical Oncologist Mount Vernon Caner Centre (MVCC) and Ms Sarah Brierley representing the management team at East & North Herts NHS Trust (E&NT) who own and run the cancer centre. Dr Ostler talked about the currant problem with NHSE and the Cyberknife. Because of an administrated error on a form that was submitted to NHSE the cyberknife was omitted from the official list of approved centres. NHSE was made aware of this error but is unwilling to correct its list. Without this approval MVCC is limited to the use of the cyberknife. Looking ahead MVCC are exploring options to work with a partner that does have a contract with the NHSE.

Ms Brierley spoke of developing a forward looking strategy and vision for MVCC and continuing talks with their ‘landlord’ Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT to the replacement of the wards and other old buildings.

Please go to Community Voice website to see over a 100 videos of our speakers and the workings of both hospitals